French company SUEZ set to build two landfills in Almaty Region

NUR-SULTAN – French company SUEZ and Kazakh Keremet Projects are planning to build two solid waste landfills near Almaty and in the Almaty region, reported the Almaty region administration press service.

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Keremet will oversee all stages of the project, including constructing the landfills. SUEZ, represented in 80 countries, operates 100 municipal solid waste landfills globally.

SUEZ designs and constructs landfills considering all environmental requirements, said Senior Vice President for International Development Timothée Cargill. Leachate neither seeps through the soil nor gets into the groundwater and no harmful emissions enter the atmosphere. The company, which transforms waste products to produce various types of energy for the state and local companies, can also produce biogas and compost. 

SUEZ specialises in waste segregation, or dividing it into two groups – waste that can be processed and converted into energy and that which cannot be processed. 

The company can process municipal waste into renewable energy. The procedure involves incinerating waste that cannot be processed, including mandatory smoke purification and producing useful energy.

Almaty Region Akim (Governor) Amandyk Batalov proposed building the landfills as the first stage of the work.

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“The first landfill will be built on the basis of the waste facility in Taldykorgan. In cooperation with your company, we will organise waste collection to this landfill from the districts adjacent to the regional centre, the cities of Tekeli and Taldykorgan. We will get about 150,000 tonnes of waste per year. The second landfill will be located on the area adjacent to Almaty. I propose building it in the densely populated Yenbekshikazakh region. The waste will be collected from the Talgar district, partly from the Ili district and Almaty. We will receive more than 300,000 tonnes of waste per year,” he said at the Oct. 8 meeting. 

Plans are underway to create a group of SUEZ and Keremet representatives and local authorities to work out the project details using step by step technology. 

“We are interested in the construction of landfills as the company covers the entire process, starting with the construction of modern landfills using special technology and taking into account all environmental requirements, to waste processing and production of various types of energy. I hope we continue to work in all these areas,” he added. 

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