Guardians of the Galaxy Star to Headline Upcoming Comic Con Astana

ASTANA – The eagerly anticipated Comic Con Astana has announced Hollywood actor Michael Rooker as its latest star headliner, according to a press statement released on September 4.

Michael Rooker. Photo credit. Comic Con.

Rooker is best known for his roles as Yondu in James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” trilogy and as Merle Dixon, a character with a prosthetic hand, in “The Walking Dead” series.

An acclaimed actor, Rooker has received praise for his compelling performances in films like “The Suicide Squad,” “Fast & Furious 9 and 10,” Oliver Stone’s “JFK,” “Mississippi Burning,” “Jumper,” “The Belko Experiment,” “The Replacement Killers,” Tom Cruise’s “Days of Thunder,” and Sylvester Stallone’s “Cliffhanger.”

His television credits include appearances in “True Detective” Season 3, “CSI: Miami,” “Law & Order,” “Criminal Minds,” and “The Outer Limits.”

Rooker playing Yondu. Photo credit: Comic Con.

Rooker also contributed to the development of the popular video game series “Call of Duty.”

Comic Con Astana, an international festival that celebrates comics, cinema, video games, anime, and contemporary popular culture, will host a cosplay contest this year with a total prize pool of 10 million tenge (approximately $21,817).

The first star headliner announced for Comic Con Astana was Hollywood actor, producer, and scriptwriter Sean Gunn, who was accompanied by French film producer Pierre Spengler.

Scheduled for Sept. 16-17, the event will feature a meet-and-greet and an autograph session with the filmmakers and actors of “Major Grom: The Game,” including Sergei Goroshko, Alexander Seteykin, Matvey Lykov, Oleg Trofim, Artyom Gabrelyanov, and Michael Kitaev.

Sean Gunn and Michael Rooker. Photo credit: Comic Con.

The festival will also screen the animated series “Obyasnalkiny,” featuring creators Sienduk, Egor Loskutov, and Evgeny Blinnikov.

In addition, the festival will offer a food court and an Arsenal Kids playground for children.

The event is set to take place from Sept. 15-17 at the Congress Center in Astana.

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