Pavlodar Multilingual Summer Camp Broadens Children’s Horizons

Fifty children from low income families recently had the opportunity to attend a Kazakh, Russian, English and Spanish multilingual recreation and education camp developed by the public fund Center for Partnership at Sharbakty Village in the Lebyazhinsky area of the Pavlodar region.

Adding multilingual educational programmes to existing summer camps helps the camps reach more children without increased costs for those children.

A multilingual programme was offered at the Summer camp Kunshuak located in the relict Ertis Ormany (Forest of Ertis in Kazakh) in the Beskaragai area.

“At the fair of social projects in Astana, we won a grant from the Presidential Fund to implement the idea. The multilingual camp is a special language environment with continuous immersion in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages. On the other hand, language was not the purpose (or only activity.)The majority of children, including those who were not keen on learning languages at school, received new incentives at camp to study language. Our camp provided an interactive environment for the advancement of the learning process and it was a successful addition to the school programme,” Pavlodar Public Fund Centre for Partnership Director Lyazzat Askarova said.

The idea of creating a multilingual children’s camp was the winner of a social and projects fair in 2012 and prior to this summer had already been implemented in the Aktogai area of the Pavlodar region.

The experience of 2012 expanded the idea of the format and content of multilingualtraining, including a summer camp, and helped develop additional, innovative technologies in the field of social, educational and health services.

Centre for Partnership is a pilot project of the National Commission for Women and Family Affairs under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan based at the Pavlodar Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the support of the United Nations Bureau of Gender and Development.

In 2004, the Centre for Partnership joined the Women’s Union of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, which promotes the development of partner communications between regions and to attract innovative technologies for the economic advancement of women.

The project seeks to provide a multi-lingual education experience to children in rural areas. Multilingual education provides an avenue into world cultures and increased understanding.

The project was implemented within the framework of a social partnership agreement between the Centre for Partnership and Pavlodar State University, whose employees were involved in the project to help utilize resources.

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