Kazakhstan’s Goodwill Ambassador Adam Breaks Boundaries with Music

ASTANA—Kazakh singer Mirkhiday Mirfarukh, known as Adam, became a sensation on social networks with his song “Zhurek” (Heart), gaining over 74 million views on YouTube and inspiring over four million TikTok clips worldwide. In an interview with The Astana Times, Adam spoke about his early life, international recognition, diverse audience, upcoming concerts, and newly acquired status as a Goodwill Ambassador.

Kazakh singer Adam. Photo credit: The Astana Times

People from Central Asia, South Asia, Europe, Latin America, and many other regions are singing “Zhurek” and supporting the artist on social media.

“This is what I was striving for. I love all my listeners for their activity and feedback. It inspires me to new achievements,” said Adam.

According to the singer, the song first gained popularity in Ukraine before capturing hearts in Russia, China, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates and European countries. Adam wrote it in his native village, Merki, in the Zhambyl Region, which adds to its unique significance.

As the author of his own songs, Adam continues his musical journey, representing Kazakhstan’s culture and achievements on the world stage.

The new status of Goodwill Ambassador

The Kazakh Foreign Ministry hosted a ceremony on June 6 to award Kazakhstan’s Goodwill Ambassadors, the ministry’s pioneering project to recognize and honor citizens who have made remarkable contributions to enhancing Kazakhstan’s image abroad. Kazakhstan’s Deputy Prime Minister – Foreign Minister, Murat Nurtleu, personally handed the award to the singer. 

Adam during the interview with The Astana Times. Photo credit: The Astana Times

“This is the first step on the part of the state, and I am very glad to be recognized in Kazakhstan. When you are respected and appreciated in your homeland, you are respected abroad, too. It is easier to travel and perform abroad with such a spirit,” said Adam.

When asked about his goals, Adam emphasized global recognition for the country and its people.

“Many of my listeners have heard about Kazakhstan for the first time. Sometimes, they even send the wrong flag in the comments. I am glad that I have the honor to represent our people, and I want to further promote us so that our state and people are known in a positive light,” he said.

Mirkhiday Mirfarukh’s story of life 

Born in 1993 in Merki village, Adam has been passionate about music since childhood but started his professional career in 2019. Although he had no formal musical education, he always felt drawn to music. 

“I have worked at a carwash, sang in pubs, been a welder and a furniture maker, and done many other things. But music has always lived with me,” said Adam.

Adam during performance. Phot credit: Adam’s Instagram account

The team suggested the stage name Adam, which the singer noted is easy to remember and has a pleasant sound. 

Adam shared that his most loyal supporters are his family. “Unfortunately, my parents are not with us today, but my brothers and sisters are my biggest supporters. They have always believed in me and inspired me to do and create more,” he said.

Adam draws inspiration for his songs from his mood, environment, and passion for horses. He breeds English racehorses in his hometown, which “gives him positive emotions and influences his work.” 

Concerts and new projects

The singer is currently touring and planning concerts in several countries in Asia, including China, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka. In April, Adam performed in Ireland and received a warm welcome in Dublin. 

“We received our visas just three days before the performance. The mood was different, not as excited, but we quickly promoted the event and gathered more than 300 people in three days,” said Adam. 

“The event was held in a small but cozy place in Dublin, where we were warmly welcomed by locals and guests from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It was nice to see so many nations and cultures represented in the audience. We have postponed the rest of the European tour for the summer,” he added.

Adam is constantly working on new projects, with new songs and music videos expected soon.

“As soon as we release a song, I automatically start writing a follow-up to avoid long pauses,” he said.

Among Adam’s latest releases is the song “Wonderful Life,” which has parts in English. The singer shared that he wanted to make a gesture for his international listeners and build a connection between continents. 

Adam also shared advice for aspiring artists, emphasizing the importance of a dedicated creative team.

“Our team is small,  but everyone is very sociable. We are all driven by a strong desire to succeed. This shared commitment defines us as a team. Being surrounded by like-minded people in such an environment is truly inspiring,” said Adam, expressing gratitude to his team. 

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