Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan Sign Agreement on Energy Interconnection

ASTANA — The energy ministries of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan signed a historic memorandum at the Tashkent International Investment Forum on May 1, marking a significant step towards interconnecting the energy grids of the three countries, reported the Kazakh Ministry of Energy.

The energy ministries of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan singed a memorandum on May 1st, pivotal for interconnecting their energy systems and fostering regional energy integration and sustainable development. Photo credit: Kazakh Ministry of Energy

The memorandum aims to determine the foundational terms of cooperation for the ambitious project of linking the energy systems of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. A key component of the plan involves investigating the feasibility of laying a high-voltage cable along the seabed of the Caspian Sea alongside ventures within other territories. This strategic move seeks to optimize the trade of green energy among the three countries, harnessing technical and economic efficiencies.

Energy Minister of Kazakhstan Almasadam Satkaliyev emphasized that groundwork had been laid before the signing. 

“As part of the terms of reference, a proposed business model will be developed to facilitate international transmission corridors – financing, revenue flow and ownership – and for the sale of green energy to the countries of the European Union. Based on the above, a draft memorandum of cooperation on interconnection of the energy systems of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan was developed between the energy ministries of the three countries,” said Satkaliyev.

As discussions progress, the Kazakh Energy Ministry affirms its readiness for full-fledged collaboration, underlining its dedication to realizing the shared vision of an interconnected energy network spanning the Caspian Sea and beyond.

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