President Shows Support to Residents of Flood-Hit Kostanai Region

ASTANA — President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev met with residents of the Kostanai Region and inspected the flooded areas to assess the damage caused by the emergency situation on April 16, reported the Akorda press service.

Photo credit: Akorda. Click to see the map in full size. The map is designed by The Astana Times

Tokayev thanked everyone for their involvement and concern, emphasizing that people show their unity in such difficult periods.

“I came to meet you and I understand the situation is difficult. All resources available to the state are directed to solving this problem. As President, I see it as my priority to give you the best possible assistance,” said the President.

He discussed the decision to introduce a public funds austerity regime to redirect resources to citizens and assured that all victims would receive the necessary assistance.

President Tokayev met with evacuated residents of the Kostanai Region. Photo credit: AkordaPhoto credit: Akorda

“The most important thing is compensation, which will be paid. Moreover, those who have lost their housing or need repairs will be allocated funds. We will purchase and provide apartments for those who wish to move. For those who want to stay where they are, we will build standard houses; however, under no circumstances should they remain in dangerous areas,” he said.

He instructed the government to launch the construction in the summer and eliminate the aftermath of the disaster by fall.

Kostanai Region Governor Kumar Aksakalov reported that six districts of the region had declared an emergency situation due to the floods. Of the 492 villages, 11 settlements suffered the most, with 51 houses remaining flooded. Additionally, four bridges and seven sections of roads were washed out, and 1,414 power line supports were damaged.

Thanks to flood control measures, such as strengthening dams and placing inert materials, flooding was prevented in the city of Tobyl, the center of the Amangeldy district, and other populated areas.

Later in the day, Tokayev met with volunteers and businesses of the region. He underlined the important role of businesspeople in providing assistance to the victims.


“We have some very prominent entrepreneurs who are listed in Forbes. They will be engaged in discussions and assigned to every region, district, and village, responding individually. This is also in their interest, as they will see the results of their contributions. I believe that your names, as philanthropists who help your people, will also not go unnoticed by the state,” said Tokayev.

The President also expressed gratitude to the volunteers, emphasizing that he always has great sympathy for them and will support them in every possible way.

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