Kazakh Artisans Showcase Cultural Heritage at Berlin Bazaar

ASTANA Kazakh craftspeople took part at Berlin Bazaar, the world’s largest international fair, on Nov. 8-12 to promote Kazakh tourism through arts and crafts, reported Kazakh Tourism national company’s press service.

Kazakh craftspeople took part at Berlin Bazaar on Nov. 8-12. Photo credit: Kazakh Tourism

The Kazakh pavilion exhibits a diverse array of handmade crafts, natural products, and items such as woodcraft, textiles, leather goods, and jewelry.

“Inside our pavilion, there’s an improvised yurt and video screens highlighting tourism in Kazakhstan, attracting significant attention. Visitors inquire about tourism, key attractions, resorts, and express particular interest in felt and jewelry products,” said Irina Kharitonova, a spokesperson for Kazakh Tourism, in an interview with The Astana Times.

According to Ainur Polatova, the founder of the Talapai project dedicated to promoting national board games, it is encouraging to see a keen interest among foreigners in Kazakh culture and national values. This exhibition provides a valuable experience with expectations of substantial future sales.

Serzhan Bashirov, a tapestry and jewelry artist. Photo credit: Kazakh Tourism

“I am presenting my Adelcheid Brand here, showcasing entomological leather jewelry, primarily in the shape of butterflies. It is my first experience at such a significant exhibition, offering a great opportunity to present my products,” said Adelcheid Kisselyova, the brand’s founder.

The unique works of the Kazakh artist Assol distinguish the Kazakh pavilion. The exhibit features paintings on carpets. The artist employed an unconventional drawing method instead of traditional canvases. This series pays tribute to notable women of Kazakhstan, showcasing proud figures such as the Saka queen Tomiris, Gaukhar-batyr, Bopai-khanym, Rabia Sultan, and the mythical Zher-Ana.

Photo credit: Kazakh Tourism

Ulbolsyn Daulenova, the ASSYLMURA workshop owner from Almaty, emphasized considerable interest in ethnic-style clothing, with visitors inquiring about the technology and meaning behind the ornaments.

During the Berlin Bazaar, Serzhan Bashirov, a tapestry and jewelry artist, received an invitation from an art gallery in Berlin to exhibit his works.

“I have collaborated with Bashirov on multiple occasions and invited him to display his works at my gallery. I admire his creations and consider him one of the eminent artists with a deep sensitivity to Kazakh culture. It brings me joy to witness the Kazakh stand here, featuring a wonderful selection of items such as carpets, jewelry, clothes, and others,” said Martina Dempf, an art gallery’s owner in Berlin.

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