Kazakh Government Resigns, Amanat Party Set to Propose New Candidacy of Prime Minister Shortly

ASTANA –  The government of Kazakhstan has resigned today, March 29, before the beginning of the new session of the Parliament of the eighth convocation, reads the presidential decree published on the Akorda website. 

The building of the government in Astana. Photo credit: primeminister.kz.

Following the election to the Mazhilis, a lower chamber of the Kazakh Parliament, on March 19, “the government shall resign its powers to the newly elected Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic,” as per Article 70 of the Constitution of Kazakhstan. 

The government headed by Alikhan Smailov has been in office since January 2022, shortly after the tragic January events shocked the nation, yet sent it on a year-long path of fundamental political, economic, and social reforms. 

Commenting on the new government in his address to the first session of the Kazakh Parliament today, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said it is the winning party that has the right to propose the candidacy for the position of prime minister, referring to the Amanat party that claimed 54 percent of the votes in the March 19 election to the Mazhilis.

By doing so, the party will assume a “political responsibility,” a testament to the country’s formula of a strong President – influential Parliament – accountable government.

From L to R: Central Election Commission Chairman Nurlan Abdirov, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and Senate Chairman Maulen Ashimbayev. Photo credit: Akorda press office.

“Now the government will really become accountable. In this context, the ministers’ professional knowledge alone will not be enough. They will have to be able to intelligently and competently defend their interests and positions before Parliament and clearly and concisely convey their thoughts to the public,” said Tokayev in a televised address aired on national TV channels and social media. 

Acknowledging mistakes in the work of the former government and helping address them will be one of the tasks set before the new cabinet.

“This opportunity must be properly used in the interests of the people. Parliament must also be as open as possible in its work,” said the Kazakh leader. 

According to him, the government has been slow in making the most important decisions, tied in a routine of bureaucracy and approvals between departments, the government, and the presidential administration.

“Ministers are afraid to make decisions, they shift responsibility to their colleagues or subordinates. All this is unacceptable. Digitalization is a critical factor in the efficiency of the public administration system. Besides the development of e-government infrastructure, we should also focus on further digitalization of the representative branch of government,” said Tokayev.

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