Draft Decree on Award for Fight Against COVID-19 is Available for Public Comment

A draft presidential decree on awarding medals to exceptional citizens who participated in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic has been submitted for public discussion on July 1 on the Open NPA website, which is intended for publishing draft projects and conducting public discussion on government policy, according to the Ministry of Information and Social Development. 

Photo credit: Tengrinews.kz.

The medal has been dubbed the “Khalyk Algysy,” which translates to “People’s Gratitude.” 

Kazakhstan took extreme measures to prevent the virus from quickly spreading across the country. To honor the first responders, the award was created to recognize the significant contribution made by many individuals in implementing the quarantine. Everyday people read news and stories on social media about how doctors, nurses, law enforcement personnel, volunteers and enthusiasts are working hard to save lives. 

According to the draft submission, the Parliament, the government, the Constitutional Council, the Supreme Court, various ministries, central state bodies, the mayors of Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent as well as regional governors and public associations will all be able to propose candidates for the award directly to the President. 

The President will present the medal, but there is also an entire list of officials who will have the right to present the medal on behalf of the head of state.

As for the preliminary design, the medal will have a diameter of 32 mm, made of golden metal brass and the frontside side of the medal (obverse) will have an inscription of the Birgemiz motto (We are together). There will then be the national symbol on the top of the coin. The inscription “Khalyk Algysy” (People’s Gratitude) will be written at the bottom of the coin. There will be an ornament on the reverse side with  an inscription reading “Kazakhstan 2020” in the center. 

The medal will be connected with an eye and a ring to a rectangular bar 32 mm wide made of golden metal brass. The central part of the bar will also be decorated and set in blue enamel. All images and inscriptions on the medal will be presented in convex form. 



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