Vibrant Array of Events to Celebrate Astana Day

ASTANA – Kazakhstan’s vibrant young capital is gearing up to celebrate its 26th anniversary with a grand array of festivities. In honor of this milestone, the city will come alive with over 100 themed events, transforming into a hub of excitement and celebration from July 6 to 8. During these three days, the city will be a hive of activity, offering something for everyone. Visitors can immerse themselves in large-scale concerts, lively festivals, captivating opera and ballet performances, and much more. 

The cultural richness of Kazakhstan will be on full display, with the enchanting sounds of the dombra filling the air as the city also celebrates Dombra Day on July 7. To top it all off, a spectacular drone show will light up the skies, creating a mesmerizing visual feast. This selection of thrilling events promises to make this anniversary truly unforgettable.

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Astana Events 

Ballet Gala on July 6-7

Experience an unforgettable evening of dance as Astana Ballet Theater presents a special Ballet Gala dedicated to the Day of the Capital. Featuring highlights from 11 years of the theater’s history, this program promises to deliver new discoveries and powerful impressions.

Whether you are a loyal patron reliving cherished moments or attending for the first time, this gala offers a vibrant tapestry of virtuoso solo performances, captivating duets, and grand ballet ensembles set against stunning costumes and scenery.

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Enjoy excerpts from iconic classical and neoclassical ballets including “Bayadere,” “Scheherazade,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “Spartacus.” Experience the contemporary brilliance of Brazilian choreographer Ricardo Amarante’s “Love Fear Loss,” alongside unique national and original ballet pieces. The evening will also include delightful choreographic miniatures from concert programs.  

Venue: Astana Ballet; 43, Uly Dala Avenue. Tickets are available here

Open Air on July 6 

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The festivities will include an open-air concert celebrating the Day of the Capital, offering a lively and enjoyable experience. Local artists will have the chance to showcase their talents, captivating the audience with mesmerizing performances and creative demonstrations. Headlining the concert will be popular acts like Ninety One, M’dee, Ayau, Orda, Nazima, alongside other talented artists. Guests can indulge in nostalgia with classic tunes and energize themselves with lively dances to the music of emerging stars. Adding to the excitement, a drone light show will illuminate the Expo grounds, promising a visually stunning spectacle. Gather with friends to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and make the most of this weekend celebration.

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Venue: The event will take place at the EXPO site. Entry is free. 

Dombra Day on July 7

Get ready for an exhilarating celebration on July 7 at the EXPO site with a spectacular show concert honoring Dombra Day. The concert showcases a lineup of extraordinary talents, including the mesmerizing ethnic and folklore ensemble “Korkyt,” the vibrant sounds of Made in KZ, the soul-stirring performances of Ibrahim Eskendir, and the delightful artistry of the children’s creative center Altyn Dombra. Also gracing the stage will be the dynamic groups Assyl, Qalifarniya, Qanay, and the enchanting Aktoty Bolshova, along with other phenomenal artists. Don’t miss this unforgettable evening filled with music, culture, and pure entertainment.

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Venue: Nur Alem Pavilion; 53/1, Mangilik El Avenue. Entry is free.

Мегеке Street on July 6-8

From July 6 to July 8, starting at noon, the Mereke Street summer project will be hosted at Central Park, offering a festive experience for city residents and guests of all ages. This family-oriented festival features workshops and an open-air cinema, promising fun-filled activities for everyone.

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Venue: Central Park; 6/1, Turan Avenue. Entry is free. 

“Eugene Onegin” Opera on July 6-7 

In Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin,” he masterfully channels Pushkin’s Tatiana, expressing the heights of passion and the soul’s poetry. While remaining faithful to the main characters’ essence, the composer presents them with his own unique perspective.

The opera’s scenes organically unfold the emotional landscapes of its characters, deepening the intensity of their feelings and inner worlds. Tchaikovsky’s music seamlessly extends beyond mere words, enriching and continuing the characters’ narratives. This operatic adaptation of Pushkin’s novel not only captivated audiences but also heralded a new era in lyrical opera, leaving an indelible mark on the genre.

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Venue: ​​Astana Opera; 1, Dinmukhamed Kunayev Street. Tickets are available here.  

 “Gauhartas” Musical on July 6-7

“Gaukhartas” is a musical drama that unravels the hidden stories of a modest family living in the Kazakh steppe. Spanning from 1975 to the present day, it revolves around two brothers: Tastan, who was brought up strictly, and Kairken, raised with affection. Their contrasting upbringings lead to conflicts between them. Adding to the family dynamics is Saltanat, a bride with a passion for singing and a gentle demeanor. This musical drama intertwines not just one, but two love stories within the family’s narrative.

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Venue: ​Musical Theater of Young Spectators; 47B, Zhakyp Omarov Street. Tickets are available here.  

Garage Fest on July 6

Get ready for the Garage Fest fair at Abu Dhabi Plaza! Explore a vibrant array of handmade shops and diverse brands from Kazakhstan, Korea, and the United States. Dive into an exciting shopping adventure amidst the beats of top DJs and musicians from the city. Indulge in delicious treats from local vendors, while kids enjoy a dedicated drawing area. Plus, unwind in the play zone featuring cornhole, badminton, and more. Enjoy a day filled with music, shopping, and family fun. 

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Venue: Opposite the Keruen shopping center; 9, Dostyk Street.Entry is free.

Almaty Events 

Art Talk in Italian on July 6

Visit Art Lane for a special Art Talk in Italian dedicated to Raphael Santi, one of the most renowned masters of the High Renaissance. Explore Raphael’s paintings, known for their harmonious blend of Greco-Roman beauty ideals and profound religious themes. You are invited to share a mini-presentation on your favorite Raphael artwork or spontaneously create a story inspired by his characters. Enjoy engaging discussions and art-themed games while sipping on tea in a friendly, creative atmosphere.

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Venue: Art Lane; 15, Gogol Street. Tickets are available here.

Intersection Intizor Exhibition from July 6 to Aug. 4

The Eurasian Cultural Alliance is delighted to invite you to the debut solo exhibition of artist Intisor Otaniezova. Intersection Intizor is not just an exhibition, but a parable exploring how intricate systems replicate themselves within the realm of play. It delves into the interplay of randomness and consistency in decision-making that shapes human lives, reflecting on the crisis of form and content, as well as the sociology of both children’s and adult games.

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Through evocative storytelling and personal experiences, Intisor navigates without imposing dominant narratives, offering insights into the automation of our world and its communities. 

Venue: Egin Art Space; 79, Nurmakov Street. Tickets are available here.

Dombra Party on July  7 

Kok Tobe Park invites you to the Dombra Party event celebrating the National Day of Dombra. This celebration highlights the 90th anniversary of the Kurmangazy Orchestra and features a kui parade, emphasizing the cultural heritage’s significance. Join the festival, where the esteemed dombra master Zhassar Turdygulov will perform with the nation’s top orchestra to promote Dombra Day nationally.

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Venue: Kok Tobe Culture and Recreation Park; 104B, Dostyk Avenue. Tickets are available here.

All stars jam session on July 8

Improvisation is the heartbeat of jazz. Through improvisation, jazz musicians fully reveal themselves, expressing and creating music that is utterly unique. It is this magic of improvisation that captivates listeners from the very beginning to the end of a concert, making us cherish jazz so deeply. Experience the beauty of improvisational art at a jam session, a special type of jazz event. At the start of each jam session, a house band takes the stage—a small ensemble that performs throughout the evening. Other musicians join spontaneously, stepping onto the stage without rehearsals, to improvise freely. They build upon refined jazz standards, sometimes introducing original compositions favored by the jazz club’s patrons, adding unexpected hues to the jam.

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At EverJazz, jam sessions gather Almaty’s jazz luminaries under one roof. Vadim Olenin, a virtuoso saxophonist and the session’s curator, invites you to celebrate jazz improvisation.

Venue: EverJazz Club; 24, Zenkov Street. Tickets are available here.

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