Kazakhstan Committed to Improve Seismic Safety

ASTANA – Kazakh Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov signed a comprehensive development plan for the seismological industry for 2024-2028 on July 5.

Photo credit: Francesco Scatena/Shutterstock

According to the Prime Minister’s press service, the document provides for implementing a wide range of measures to strengthen the country’s seismological safety. 

The country plans to develop 15 seismic zoning maps, which will allow to predict 70% of earthquake sources in earthquake-prone regions. These maps will also become the basis for the certification of buildings and structures in these territories and the development of new building standards.

“Certification will make it possible to identify the most vulnerable construction locations and prioritize efforts to decrease seismic risk of operation. Examples include seismic reinforcement, protection or removal of valuable equipment, change of purpose, and others,” the statement reads.

It is also planned to install 285 seismic stations and repair and equip the existing 70 stations to produce a high-quality forecast of seismic hazards in the Almaty Region and other at-risk areas of the country. 

According to the document, the country will strengthen control over building construction and operation, improve monitoring methods, and provide seismology specialists with modern equipment and technical means.

As a result of implementing the comprehensive plan, the country’s administration intends to enhance the protection of citizens, structures and infrastructure in earthquake-prone areas throughout the country.

The government prioritizes seismic safety in the country, as seismic zones cover around 40% of Kazakhstan’s territory.

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