Premiere of Ballet Triptych “Sacred Dances” at Almaty Theatre

ASTANA — The Almaty Theatre will present the premiere of the ballet triptych “Sacred Dances” on July 11 and 12. Choreographed by Mukaram Avakhri and performed by soloists of the Astana Ballet, this production explores spiritual connections through contemporary dance, blending cultural and historical themes.

Photo credit: Astana Ballet

The first part, “Wedding,” set to Igor Stravinsky’s music, explores the hidden emotions of newlyweds, turning the ceremony into a profound ritual. This marks the 101st anniversary of Stravinsky’s ballet “Wedding,” with a fresh, modern interpretation by Avakhri.

“QASH,” the second part, highlights the fluidity of culture and the ever-changing nature of history. Featuring the composition “Le Retour de Molla Nasr’din” by Chemirani and vocals by Mushtari Islamova, the segment is visually enhanced by Guzel Zakir’s artistic concept.

The final part, “Ruh,” immerses the audience in the world of ancestors and their unity with nature. The music of Abylai Abilqasymuly and Bugarabu, along with vocals by Venera Urazbekova, enhances this journey through time, connecting past and present.

“Sacred Dances” encourages reflection on eternal questions and invites audiences to explore spiritual and cultural values. The Astana Ballet artists’ expressive performances and captivating music and costumes create an inspiring atmosphere for all.

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