Tokayev Highlights Middle Powers’ Role in Tackling Global Challenges in Euronews Article

ASTANA – Countries like Kazakhstan must step forward together with renewed vigor and assert their role not just as participants but as responsible managers in the global arena, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev wrote in the Euronews article, published on May 28.

Tokayev reiterated the role of Middle Powers in global affairs during his visit to Singapore on May 24. Photo credit: Akorda

“In today’s world, marked by extraordinary geopolitical turbulence and persistent conflict, the need for multilateral solutions has never been more urgent. Amidst this global discord, the traditional powerhouses – the world’s economic and political behemoths – are increasingly unable to work together,” Tokayev wrote.

Meanwhile, according to Tokayev, the structures designed to foster international consensus, such as the United Nations, face paralysis and gridlock.

Against this backdrop, middle powers such as Kazakhstan emerge as pivotal players with growing capacities to ensure greater stability, peace and development in their regions and beyond.

“Unburdened by the complexities of superpower politics, our agility enables us to navigate intricate diplomatic terrains and carve paths toward compromise and reconciliation,” he wrote.

Tokayev noted that middle powers are deeply committed to upholding the multilateral system. Unlike superpowers, which may feel constrained by these institutions as they chart their own course, middle powers rely on these essential global mechanisms to resolve disputes, safeguard their territorial integrity, and address collective challenges ranging from climate change to pandemics.

The path to global unity is not uncharted—it has been navigated before. Tokayev emphasized that the world has overcome divisions in the past and can do so again through diplomacy and dialogue.

“At this crucial juncture, we call on all our international partners to join us in reinforcing multilateralism – to reinvigorate and reinvest in the global system that has brought us this far. Let our collective actions reflect our commitment not just to a more peaceful present but to a prosperous and harmonious future.  The task is formidable, but with determination, leadership, and a steadfast commitment to dialogue, we can transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s successes. Let us lead the way to an era of multilateral renewal,” he wrote.

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