Engaging Events for First Weekend of June

ASTANA — As June ushers in the warmth of summer, Kazakhstan prepares to celebrate Children’s Day on June 1 with a plethora of vibrant  events across the country. This weekend, amidst the blossoming cultural landscape, Kazakhstan invites you to indulge in festivities that offer a glimpse into the nation’s rich heritage and contemporary artistic flair. 

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Astana Events

Aiala Republican Art and Eco-festival on June 1-3

The festival provides a one-of-a-kind platform for students nationwide to channel their environmental concerns through artistic expression. Over the course of a month, more than 200 students showcased their talents and ingenuity across six categories:

Beınele: Visual Arts (Photography, Painting);

Árle: Performative Arts (Sculpture, Installation);

Qara: Video Production (Movies, Videos);

Sezin: Artistic Performances (Theatre, Street Acts, Flash Mobs);

Sóıle: Musical and Poetic Expression (Songs, Poems);

Órnekte: Decorative and Applied Arts (Textiles, Ceramics). 

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In addition to these creative endeavors, the festival will feature workshops covering felting, painting, financial literacy and crafting panels from recycled paper. Interactive activities, food vendors and merchandise stands will be available for attendees, with proceeds directed towards environmental initiatives. The highlight of the event will be a special performance by the esteemed JOLDA Dance Theater.

Venue: Palace of Peace and Reconciliation; 57, Tauelsizdik Avenue. Entry is free.

Selection for the World Nomad Games on June 2

In honor of the Day of State Symbols the Astana Triathlon Capital Park will host the Tolagai Strongest competition. This tournament aims to celebrate the heroes of the Great Steppe and Kazakh ethno-games. It invites the city’s strongest athletes to participate and showcase their power.

Photo credit: Akimat of the city of Astana

Venue: Triathlon Capital Park; 1/3B, Baurzhan Momyshuly Street. 

Children’s  Day in Shopping Malls on June 1

In honor of Children’s Day, a lot of free entertainment and cultural events are organized in the capital where you can spend useful and fun time with children. Abu Dhabi Plaza invites you and your kids to have fun and have a good time. Also, the kids will receive gifts from the Qazaq books store. All activities are free. Green mall invites you to the GreenFest festival, where you can buy interesting goods, eat delicious food, learn new things, entertain your children, and win many valuable prizes. In the food zone you will find dishes of Oriental and Korean cuisines, burgers, ice cream and many other delicacies. The entertainment area will delight you with a slide master class, glitter tattoos, interactive games, bracelet making and cocktail making workshops. There will be an opportunity to purchase gadgets, jewelry, children’s clothes and toys in the fair area.

Photo credit: Viktor Fedyunin/ Kazinform

Venue: Get more information here

The concert “Children  are invited to  the  theater” on June 1

Explore the streets of the capital through a diverse lens of art. You’ll discover hidden artistic gems, learn about the city’s vibrant cultural history, and engage in stimulating conversations with fellow art enthusiasts. This tour not only enhances your appreciation of the capital’s artistic landscape but also provides a wonderful platform to forge new friendships and expand your social network.

Photo credit: astanaopera.kz

Venue: Astana Opera; 1, Dinmukhamed Kunayev Street. Tickets are available here

Gala ballet  on June 2

A Gala Ballet will be held in the Great Hall with the participation of soloists and the Astana Opera Symphony Orchestra, as well as invited ballet dancers from Russia and China. The program includes the most striking performances of classical, modern and national choreography, including the premiere of “Zharmenke” to the music of the folklore and ethnographic ensemble Turan. Choreography by Anvara Sadykova and Almat Shamshiev. “The Sarmatian Priestess” to the music of the alternative folk group Stepp sonse. Choreography by Anvara Sadykova. 

Photo credit: astanaballet.com

Venue: Astana Opera; 1, Dinmukhamed Kunayev Street. Tickets are available here

Almaty Events

Children’s Day in Kok-Tobe Park on June 1

Kok Tobe Park of Culture and Recreation invites you to celebrate the Children’s Day holiday. At the top of the mountain you will find: a unique show program, LIVE BAND DOSTYK, raffles of souvenirs from Kok Tobe; animators, soap Bubble, show, magician, stilt walkers, animator bears. 

Hurry up on the funicular and get chocolate as a gift from Kok Tobe Park!

Photo credit: Shutterstock

Venue: Kok Tobe Culture and Recreation Park; 104B, Dostyk Avenue. Entry is free.

Time–tested Jazz – Sarah Vaughn on June 1

Sarah Vaughn, known as “Sassy” and “The Divine One”, is one of the greatest jazz singers of all time. Her voice, full of depth and emotion, continues to inspire and delight listeners around the world. Sarah Vaughn possessed an exceptional vocal range spanning over three octaves. Her voice could sound like a velvety alto or a crystal clear soprano. This unique ability allowed her to perform both low, deep notes and high, almost operatic parts, which made her performances unique.

Venue: EverJazz Jazz Club; 24; Zenkova Street. Tickets are available here.

The exhibition “This is a full-time job in a non-binary format” from May 30 to June 30

The exhibition explores the resistance of non-binary and queer people in a binary society inspired by visual and game cultures. Yelaman Muktarkhan explores his queer identity through art, reflecting on issues of sexuality, gender and politics. She rethinks the gender binary and emphasizes the intrinsically non-binary nature of Kazakh culture, often ignored under the influence of colonial narratives. This exhibition is part of an important dialogue about gender and queerness, exploring the richness of non-binary identities and human diversity.

Photo credit: sxodim.com

Address: Egin Art Space; 79, Nurmakova Street. Tickets are available here

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