Clean Kazakhstan Campaign Continues with Landscaping Yards

ASTANA — The fourth week of the Taza (Clean) Kazakhstan environmental campaign, which focused on cleaning and landscaping the yards of elderly individuals, veterans, areas of orphanage houses, and nursing homes, concluded with nearly 800 events, helping 2,308 elderly people across all regions of Kazakhstan, reported the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Information. 

Volunteers during Taza Kazakhstan environmental campaign. Photo credit: Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Information

In Astana, clean-up efforts were supported at the secondary school of Svetoch orphanage house by Vasily Levit, the head of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of Astana, professional boxer and champion of the Olympics in Rio, Daniyar Yeleussinov, and champion of the world in weightlifting, Edyge Yemberdi. They cleaned the yard, removed garbage, swept the entrance territory, cleared overgrown grass, and loosened the ground to plant flowers. 

“We wanted to contribute to a meaningful environmental campaign. After consulting with colleagues, we arrived at the Svetoch orphanage house in the suburbs of Astana. There are 19 children currently being raised in this orphanage”, said Levit.

“When we assist elderly people and children in difficult situations, we do something important not only for them but for ourselves too. We hope that we were able to lift their spirits. The joy in the eyes of the children was the best gratitude for us,” said Yeleussinov. 

Community engagement for elderly care across regions

In Shymkent, elderly people with their grandchildren joined activists, including government, public figures, and members of the Veterans Council, for cleanup efforts. The initiative aimed to promote respect for the older generation, continuity and the development of a sense of compassion and care for the environment among the younger generation. 

Activists visiting Svetoch orphanage house. Photo credit: Astana Akimat

Nearly 500 people participated in the campaign, including Gabit Syzdykbekov, the Akim (mayor) of Shymkent, and Rashid Mynbayev, the Akim of Al-Farabi district in Shymkent. They cleaned the territory near buildings, painted benches and curbs, and landscaped areas near the Koshkar Ata river. 

In Almaty, since the beginning of the campaign, 876 people, including government and other public figures, participated in cleaning and landscaping efforts in 115 houses of veterans, single retired pensioners, and socially vulnerable segments of the population. The territories of private homes were cleaned, fences were painted, sanitary pruning and whitewashing of trees, and planting green spaces were carried out.

“The activists tried to create a cozy and clean environment for our veterans so they could enjoy the fresh air. We hope that our work has brought them joy and satisfaction,” said Bagdat Anarbayeva, head of the front office of Almaty volunteers.

In addition, eco-projects on sorting household garbage and disposal of hazardous waste were implemented.

In the Turkistan Region, approximately 1,000 people took part in the cleaning during the fourth week. The settlement of Kultobe and the mausoleum of Gauhar ana were cleaned and landscaped. In the Zhibek Zholy city park, teachers, doctors, police, emergency personnel, and students planted nearly 200 young trees.

Volunteers cleaning and landscaping the yards of elderly people. Photo credit: The Karaganda Region akimat

Additionally, the youth of the Abai district in the Turkistan Region organized an eco-action at Ardagerler (Veterans) Alley, cleaning up the garbage and landscaping the territory. 

In Aktobe, people planted seedlings of different breeds, whitewashed trees, cleaned houses and territories around monuments of heroes and outstanding historical figures, including near the Eternal Flame, Mass Grave of soldiers who died of wounds in Aktobe hospitals, cultural sites, medical centers and the central stadium.

In the Abai Region, the Beskaragai district was cleaned and landscaped by nearly 1,000 people, of which 570 young people and volunteers cleaned the homes of the elderly and veterans. 

Honoring World War II veterans 

Sarsen Kuranbek, Deputy Akim of Shymkent, led a group of activists, students, and volunteers to visit the house of World War II veteran, Nina Mosunova, and cleaned the yard and garden of her home, loosened the soil around trees and painted the fence.

Nina Mosunova. Photo credit:

Nina Mosunova turned 100 years old this year. During World War II, she was a machine gunner, fighting alongside soldiers of the Red Army. After the war, she worked as a cashier, librarian, and secretary-typist. She has two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

“We must appreciate the feat of veterans of World War II who granted us a peaceful life. We are a nation that honors and respects its elders,” said Kuranbek. 

On the eve of Victory Day in the Turkistan Region, volunteers also visited war and labor veterans, including the house of 98-year-old Rakhima Galimova, to help them clean their apartments and farmsteads. 

In Karaganda, volunteers of the city’s Youth Resource Center visited a 101-year-old World War II veteran, Sungat Sattygulov, and congratulated him on the upcoming Victory Day. When he was 18, he participated in the battles near Stalingrad in 1942. He was wounded in 1943 and returned to the front in 1944 after treatment in the hospital. 

Volunteers visiting Sungat Sattygulov. Photo credit: The Karaganda Region akimat

“Unfortunately, the number of veterans like Sungat Sattygulov is decreasing. We urge young people to show respect and care for our veterans who have shown an example of courage,” said Aliya Ashimova, head of the Youth Resource Center. 

Volunteers helped him and six other veterans in Karaganda and nearly 100 more people in the Abai district of the Karaganda Region to clean up the yard, apartments, and entrance areas. 

“The assistance varies. Some individuals need help to clean the yard after winter, others require assistance around the house, and some may need food or water brought to them. Volunteers fulfill the requests of the elderly, and they sincerely thank the volunteers,” added Ashimova.

The campaign, engaging more than one million people nationwide, has featured over 5,600 events since its inception on April 8. 

The final fifth week, ending on May 11, will prioritize clearing debris from the surroundings of water bodies such as rivers and lakes.

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