Kazakh Language Speaking Clubs Gain Popularity 

ASTANA — Learning the Kazakh language is a rewarding journey paved with challenges. For those interested in embarking on this journey or just improving their proficiency, The Astana Times compiled a selection of Kazakh language-speaking clubs, offering readers an opportunity to connect with fellow learners. 

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Kazakh language is a state language in Kazakhstan. People have increasingly embraced the Kazakh language and identity in the past decade. However, many still experience a speaking block. In response, speaking clubs have emerged as supportive environments for immersion, socialization, book discussions, movie screenings, and gaming – all conducted in Kazakh.

Batyl Bol 

One of the renowned speaking clubs is Batyl Bol, meaning Be Brave in Kazakh, with branches in major cities such as Almaty, Astana, and Shymkent. The program and processes of conducting classes emphasize inclusivity, accessibility and the development of conversational skills. 

The speaking club started in 2022 when Aleksey Skalozubov, founder of the club, through his X account, announced the opening of a free-of-charge Kazakh language-speaking club in Almaty. The club has nearly 400 active members. 

“The members of our club learn to use the Kazakh language in daily scenarios such as buying groceries, ordering a taxi, or getting to know each other. We teach grammar and syntax to students at more advanced levels. The educational process is complemented by games, songs, and films in the Kazakh language,” explained Skalozubov in his Forbes Under 30 interview.

According to Batyl Bol’s latest Instagram post, they host meetings three times weekly at KIMEP University in Almaty, with no prior appointment required. 

Aittym Salem

Aittym Salem, established in 2021, serves as an online and offline speaking club fostering Kazakh language conversations among individuals of varying ages. 

“Meetings are conducted in fun and sometimes in unusual conditions. In 2022, we organized a tour at the Green Bazaar for interesting language practice,” said a member of the club.

The participants also play board games, watch theater plays, and go hiking, visit museums, creative coworking and art spaces. The participation fee is 2,000 tenge ($4.5).

Additionally, in 2023, the club established its theater of the world drama, Agyn (Flow), aimed at developing the Kazakh language, art, and culture. The theater stages globally renowned plays in the Kazakh language.


Formerly known as Sözawar, Tildes is a Kazakh language-speaking club in Astana founded by the Qazaq Grammar community. 

Offering both online and offline meetings, Tildes facilitates language practice for free through Zoom sessions every Monday evening and in-person classes held weekly on Sundays. Learners can access Zoom invitation links via Tildes’ Telegram channel

Fees for offline classes range from 2,000 tenge ($4.5) to 3,000 tenge ($7) per class, with monthly fee packages available depending on whether the class is conducted in Astana or Almaty. 

The word ‘Tildes’ signifies conversation and unity among people speaking the same language, encapsulating the club’s mission.

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