Tokayev Focuses on Kazakhstan’s Commitment to Defending National Interests and Sovereignty

ASTANA – Kazakhstan as a nation and a responsible member of the international community, must consistently stand prepared to defend national interests, sovereignty, and independence, said President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his address on March 15 at the National Kurultai in Atyrau.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and participants of the National Kurultai (Congress) in Atyrau on March 15. Photo credit: Akorda.

Tokayev noted this holds particular relevance today, with the growing trend worldwide to prioritize “might over right,” and the emergence of discourse questioning the sovereignty of some allegedly “second-class” states, which are destined to be mere satellites.

“We observe an intense global competition for resources, investments, transport logistics and communications. Previous ideas about international issues and their resolutions, including reliance on current regional structures as a universal solution for all economic and political challenges, now appear idealistic and even naive in the context of the modern, complex, and contradictory era,” he stated.

Tokayev spoke about the need for analysis of global events and their implications on Kazakhstan’s national interests, assigning this task to relevant departments, scientists, and political analysts.

“Our country remains committed to bilateral and multilateral cooperation through constructive dialogue and proactive diplomatic and economic engagements. Our focus remains on integration efforts within the Eurasian space and Central Asian region,” he said.

Kazakhstan will contribute to the development of cooperation between Turkic countries. All government decisions regarding domestic or foreign policy should be based on fundamental national interests, not populism and opportunistic considerations. 

“Every government decision must be preceded by a comprehensive analysis of its content and consequences. This refers to the foreign policy. Once international summits have made decisions and created corresponding obligations, they are generally irreversible,” he added.  

Tokayev also reiterated his vision to build a Just Kazakhstan, which was outlined in his September 2022 state of the nation address. “In this context, there are opinions that the use of the concept of ‘justice’ in political rhetoric and practice supposedly entails certain risks, giving rise to excessive expectations and increasing demands on power. However, justice entails more than just equitable distribution of resources; it primarily involves ensuring equal distribution of rights and responsibilities,” he noted.

Among other topics of the President’s address were the new social ethics, the role of youth in Kazakh destiny, the strengthening of unity, and new points of economic growth

The National Kurultai, first inaugurated in the Ulytau Region in 2022, holds significant importance as a forum for charting the course of Kazakhstan’s future. The kurultai comprises a diverse range of individuals from various sectors of society, including government officials, representatives from public organizations, business leaders, intellectuals, and public figures. 

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