List of Events for Exciting  Last Weekend of March 

ASTANA — As March concludes, Kazakhstan ushers in the promise of milder weather, setting the stage for an enticing weekend ahead in Astana and Almaty. From dynamic concerts to stimulating exhibitions, the cultural landscape flourishes with a diverse array of offerings to suit every taste and interest. The Astana Times has curated an enticing selection of events for March 30-31, promising a weekend brimming with discovery, inspiration, and joy.

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Astana Events

Artist Talk with Austrian artist Willy Kempel on March 30

Participate in an extraordinary experience with Willy Kempel, not only a distinguished political figure and the Austrian Ambassador to Kazakhstan but also a vibrant creative soul. Kempel will showcase his talents as a modern artist in the exhibition INFINITY. His works invite viewers to immerse themselves in alternate realities and unravel the enigmatic puzzles of life, all while embracing the concept of endless movement toward infinity. Each piece is sure to provoke profound questions and reflections, igniting lively conversations about art and life during the Artist Talk. 

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Venue: Has Sanat Art Gallery; 14-D, Konayev Street. Registration is available here

Anime concert  on March 30 

Prepare to dive into the world of iconic characters as you experience music from your favorite stories. Immersed in the melodies of Naruto, Berserk, Bleach, Attack on Titan and many more, performed by a symphony of 60 musicians, this event will bring famous catchphrases to life in Japanese, Kazakh, and Russian, courtesy of skilled dubbing professionals. It’s a unique blend of cultures and fandoms that promises to captivate audiences and bring beloved anime characters to life in a whole new way.

Venue: Erkegali Rakhmadiev State Academic Philharmonic Hall; 32, Kenesary Street. Tickets are available here

Film “THE RIVER” on March 30

In a traditionally patriarchal house, most of the time is dedicated to the household: caring for cattle, tending a vegetable garden, and endless preparations for winter. There are five sons growing up in the family. The father, strict and reserved, seldom engages in abstract discussions with his son Aslan. The eldest son, Aslan, is endowed with a deep sense of virtue and beauty, setting him apart from other children in the village. Immerse yourself in the dynamics of this traditional household as Aslan’s compassionate leadership begins to challenge established norms. Join us for the film screening and discussion to explore themes of tradition, modernity, and family dynamics.

Venue: Binom School; 40A, Al-Farabi Avenue. Registration is available here

Almaty Events

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New Format Gala “Opera Lunch” on March 29-30

Immerse yourself in the New Format Gala, a unique event in the ballet world with no comparison. Engage in meaningful dialogue with the artists, delve deeper into their work, and connect with fellow ballet enthusiasts. This interaction fosters a profound emotional bond between performers and the audience, immersing you in the enchanting world of art. Indulge in an evening of exquisite author’s cuisine and delightful drinks as you embark on this unforgettable journey through ballet.

Venue: Almaty Theatre/Casa Tua Restoran; 30, Al-Farabi  Avenue. Tickets are available here.

Improvisational talk show “Psychotypic Comedy” on March 31

Don’t miss the comedic evening of Slava Nikiforov and Madiyar Nurmanbetov as they take the stage for an improvisational show in Almaty. Prepare for laughter and lightheartedness as these talented comedians use humor to address life’s obstacles. 

Photo credit: Almaty Central Stand Up Club

Venue: Almaty Central Stand Up Club; 71, Kabanbay Batyr Street. Tickets are available here

Raving Step Party on March 30

Get ready for the highly anticipated return of Raving Step, now back in the city with double the excitement. Spend your day immersed in fun as you swim and dance poolside, grooving to the vibrant beats of house and disco music. Experience the electrifying atmosphere as Raving Step brings together the brightest names from Kazakhstan and Central Asia, including Bismildin, HUCHIFUN, Vuumf, and many more. Don’t miss out on this epic event that promises non-stop entertainment and unforgettable vibes. 

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Venue: Agayyn recreation area, 4, Ainabulak microdistrict. Tickets are available here

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