Kazakhstan to Celebrate Nauryz Festive Events for Ten Days

ASTANA – This year marks the introduction of a new format for the Nauryz holiday in Kazakhstan, with the launch of the Nauryznama Decade, observed annually from March 14 to 23, said Sabit Barlybayev, deputy chairman of the culture committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Information at a March 13 briefing in the Central Communications Service (CCS), reported the CCS’s press office.

Photo credit: ortcom.kz

Historically, Nauryz celebrations lasted 8-9 days and were referred to as “Nauryznama,” as stated by renowned writers and philosophers such as Mahmud al-Kashgari, Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeiuly, Abai Kunanbaiuly, and Mukhtar Auezov.

According to Barlybayev, the celebration kicks off on March 14 with the Amal holiday (‘Korisu’ in Kazakh, meaning to see each other) or the Day of Greeting, a revered tradition in western regions, which will now be observed nationwide.

March 15 is designated Mercy Day, dedicated to fostering charity, compassion, and good neighborliness. March 16 is declared the Day of Culture and National Traditions, promoting Kazakh culture, art, and national values.

March 17 celebrates Shanyrak Day (a symbol of a Kazakh traditional felt dwelling), highlighting family values. March 18 is dedicated to national clothing, focusing on promoting traditional attire throughout the country.

Zhanaru Day (Renewal Day) on March 19 encourages the continuation of the tradition of spring tree planting. March 20 is declared National Sports Day, featuring competitions in traditional Kazakh sports across all regions.

March 21 is designated the Day of Solidarity, promoting peace and unity among the population. March 22 marks the commencement of the new year festivities, with cultural and sports events, ethno-villages, and fairs held nationwide.

The final day, March 23, symbolizes purification and welcomes the new year with renewed goals and hope, marked by a nationwide environmental action.

The ministry has developed a comprehensive plan for Nauryz celebrations, including over 10,000 events across Kazakhstan. The main festivities will take place on March 21 at the EXPO exhibition center in Astana, featuring cultural and sports events.

Local executive bodies will host festive events in all districts of the capital, complemented by the Nomadic Civilization festival at the EXPO avenue, which will showcase domestic and foreign artisans.

The celebration will also feature concerts, theatrical performances, wedding ceremonies, and award ceremonies to promote and preserve national values and traditions.

Nauryz celebrations culminate in puppet shows, yurt installations, and traditional sports games.

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