DOMBRAsadors Unite Cultures Via Music at Nauryz Celebration

ASTANA — As part of the vibrant festivities honoring Nauryz, a celebration synonymous with the rejuvenation of nature, Kazakh diplomats and their counterparts accredited in Kazakhstan have orchestrated the captivating ensemble known as DOMBRAsadors, embodying the ethos of unity and harmony amidst diverse cultures.

Photo credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Premiering on March 19 at the Nauryz Ball hosted by the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Information at the Astana Opera, the ensemble’s debut performance unfolded against the majestic backdrop of the Astana Ballet Symphony Orchestra, weaving together a tapestry of cultural richness and artistic finesse that left audiences mesmerized. 

Comprising diplomats and cultural enthusiasts, the ensemble boasts a diverse lineup: Murager Sauranbay, Deputy Chairman of the International Information Committee at the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs (dombyra, Kazakh national instrument), Jorge Urbiola, Ambassador of Spain (accordion), Viola Winterseel, First Secretary of the German Embassy (alto), Mechthild Sasse, First Secretary of the German Embassy (cello), Erkin Semih Ozturk, Consul of the Turkish Embassy (Baglama, Turkish national instrument). 

Photo credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Viola Winterseel, radiant with joy, shared her sentiments, remarking, “While we were playing, I think all of my colleagues had goosebumps when the orchestra joined in. It was wonderful to play together in marvelous home of the opera at such a beautiful festivity. It is definitely one of the peaks of my stay here in Kazakhstan.”

Ambassador Urbiola echoed Winterseel’s sentiment, emphasizing the privilege of performing alongside colleagues amidst the grandeur of the Astana Ballet Symphony Orchestra. Emphasizing the significance of the ensemble’s repertoire, he highlighted their rendition of the famed Kazakh kui “Alkissa,” composed by the esteemed Kazakh composer Nurgisa Tlendiyev. The name “Alkissa,” signifying ‘beginning,’ lays the groundwork for a promising start for the ensemble. 

Winterseel further emphasized the profound bond between music and Nauryz, asserting that they serve as conduits for bringing people together, fostering international brotherhood, and nurturing mutual appreciation and understanding. 

Nauryz, steeped in tradition and symbolism, embodies the essence of spring’s arrival, heralding a season of renewal and prosperity. Across the Turkic world, this revered holiday spans ten days, each imbued with its own sacred significance, uniting communities in celebration and reflection.

In an initiative set forth by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, this year’s Nauryz celebration takes on a fresh perspective, transcending conventional boundaries to embrace innovation and inclusivity. In a January interview, President Tokayev remarked, “Nauryz symbolizes renewal, and it also needs to be celebrated in a new way: meaningfully, creatively, with the introduction of new distinctive elements.”

“DOMBRAsadors” stands as a testament to this visionary approach, harmonizing talents and traditions under the iconic shanyrak—a symbol of Kazakh unity, encapsulating the spirit of Nauryz and beckoning forth a future illuminated by cultural resonance and shared humanity.

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