President Tokayev Calls for Revitalization of Nauryz Celebration, Emphasizing Its Cultural Significance

ASTANA — President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev emphasized the cultural significance of celebrating Nauryz, the Kazakh New Year, in a fresh and meaningful manner during a Jan. 3 interview with Egemen Qazaqstan newspaper. Despite the global celebration of the New Year, Tokayev urged citizens not to overlook Nauryz observed on March 22.

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While acknowledging the recent New Year as a milestone tied to the change of calendar dates, President Tokayev clarified that it lacks a sacred meaning for him. He reiterated the importance of honoring Nauryz, emphasizing its symbolic representation of the commencement of a new life cycle in nature.

President Tokayev stressed the need for a fresh and creative approach to Nauryz festivities to rejuvenate the celebration, suggesting incorporating new distinctive elements to mark the occasion. He believes that this innovative approach will contribute to the consolidation of society and the reinforcement of national identity.

“Nauryz symbolizes renewal, and it should be celebrated in a new way: meaningfully, creatively, introducing new distinctive elements. I am sure this will contribute to society’s consolidation and strengthening of our national identity,” stated President Tokayev.

In concluding remarks, Tokayev extended heartfelt wishes for happiness and prosperity to all compatriots. He emphasized the importance of harmony and tranquility in the country, expressing hopes for Kazakhstan’s continued prosperity.

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