Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Acknowledges Contributions on Gratitude Day

ASTANA – The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan (APK) held a teleconference on Gratitude Day at the Friendship House in Astana. The event expressed gratitude to the citizens of Kazakhstan who contribute daily to civic and labor endeavors, fostering interethnic harmony, and advancing the country’s development.

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Addressing the participants, Murat Azilkhanov, the deputy chairman of the APK and Head of the Secretariat of the APK of the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan, emphasized gratitude as a priceless gift, a spiritual asset, and the social capital of society, which can be replenished at any time.

“We have a responsibility to improve the welfare of our citizens, a task that demands unwavering commitment and dedication from each of us. Without human investment, it’s impossible to carry out any reforms, hence the demand for individuals and social institutions embodying invaluable qualities of patriotism, humanity, the pursuit of knowledge, and professionalism,” he said.

Akbarzhon Ismailov presented keys to new apartments in Astana to two families. Photo credit: The Astana Times.

Azilkhanov highlighted that the establishment of Gratitude Day on the founding day of the APK holds profound spiritual, patriotic, and moral significance.

“Every member of the assembly is an ambassador of gratitude, peace, respect, and friendship. Last year, members provided assistance totaling 1.7 billion tenge ($3.7 million) to those in need,” he added.

The event launched the Caravan Charity, a national initiative organized annually by the APK since 2015. This initiative aims to bolster charitable efforts, provide aid to those in need, and advance the principles of unity and cohesion among the Kazakh people.

“Today marks the establishment of the Zhomart Zhan (a generous soul) National Center in Astana, overseeing the Caravan of Charity initiative,” said Azilkhanov. “The center’s role is to coordinate charitable efforts by assembly members aiding those in need. Similar centers will be established in Houses of Friendship nationwide. The outcomes of the project will be disclosed at the Caravan of Charity Forum at the year’s end.”

On Gratitude Day, philanthropist Akbarzhon Ismailov, who serves as the public deputy chairman of the APK and Chairman of the National Ethnocultural Center of Tajiks, presented keys to new apartments in Astana to two large families.

Ismailov stressed that good deeds, regardless of scale, demonstrate civic responsibility and patriotism. He highlighted the importance of focusing on assisting families in need and supporting charitable projects by entrepreneurs.

“The citizens who contribute to preserving and sustainably developing our country’s internal unity serve as a global example of peaceful coexistence. May our gratitude be genuine, our hearts pure, our unity unwavering, and our paths straight,” he said.

Daniyar Kadirov, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Information, also extended his congratulations on Gratitude Day. He expressed appreciation to those contributing to the country’s development and formation, as well as to those strengthening the unity of the people of Kazakhstan.

He highlighted the role of Birlik, Kazakhstan’s first multinational song and dance ensemble, which planned to showcase its art on this day.

Kadirov emphasized that the creative team aims to promote international understanding and appreciation by performing dances from around the world, fostering cultural exchange, and strengthening the nation’s cultural identity as a multicultural society.

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