Year of Camelids Unveils Kazakhstan’s Flourishing Camel Farming

ASTANA – The United Nations declared 2024 the International Year of Camelids (IYC 2024), aiming to spotlight the crucial role of camelids in the livelihoods of millions of households in over 90 countries. Ranging from alpacas to Bactrian camels, dromedaries, guanacos, llamas, and vicuñas, these animals significantly contribute to food security, nutrition, and economic growth, and hold cultural importance worldwide.

Photo credit: Brittanica.

According to Qyzylorda TV news agency, the camel farming industry is flourishing in the Kazaly and Aral districts of the Kyzylorda Region, where residents are developing camel farming due to the animals’ adaptation to the local environment. Camels can endure a week without drinking and survive without food for a month, showcasing their resilience. Currently, there are 61,000 camels in the Kyzylorda Region.

The village of Aralkum, with 250 houses, relies predominantly on livestock farming, with camels playing a crucial role.

Tolemis Orynbai, a resident of the village, emphasized that camels are well-adapted to the region’s harsh desert conditions, having successfully weathered the drought of 2021 without any losses compared to other domestic animals.

Rearing camels proves effective, given their 12-month lactation period and lower grass consumption compared to other animals. 

Camel farming brings multiple benefits, including the production of clothes from their fur and skin, as well as the creation of a fermented milk drink called Shubat. 

“I milk my camels three times a day. Each camel gives one to one and a half liters of milk per day. After the camel nurses its baby, I proceed with milking,” said Asyl Almagambetova, a local farmer.

Farmers in the region have been working to improve camel breeds and plan to increase camel milk production in the coming years.

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