Kazakh Capital Hosts Exhibition about Altai’s Mystical World

ASTANAThe art exhibition featuring paintings by Arzhan Yuteev, a young artist from the Altai Republic, focused on ancient legends and the rich culture of the Altai Region, has achieved significant success. The exhibition opened on Nov. 11 at the Kulanshi Art Gallery and will run through Jan.19.

Arzhan Yuteev. Photo credit: Kulanshi Art Center.

According to Leila Makhat, the curator of the gallery, the Following Wolf Trails exhibition explores fundamental themes such as the soul, one’s roots, the connection of generations, and the beauty of emotions.

Yuteev’s Eternity work. Photo credit: Kulanshi Art Center.

“The theme of self-identification in modern realities is very relevant. Only by understanding the depth and beauty of the history of one’s people can we comprehend the world we will pass on to our children,” she said. 

“The mystical legends of the Altai Region serve as an endless source of inspiration. However, in Yuteev’s paintings, ancient plots and images take on new meaning while retaining their essence and depth.”

Makhat emphasized that the presented works depict the protective she-wolf mother, storytellers recounting the feats of mighty heroes, secret knowledge encrypted in runes, and the immortal beauty of Altai women.

In her opinion, there are two works from the exhibition that leave a lasting impression. 

“The painting titled Eternity showcases the theme of love, power, and eternal values. The other painting, Legend, reveals the ambiguous image of the wolf-mother, who protects her children and guards her kin,” she said.

Legend painting. Photo credit: Kulanshi Art Center.

In an interview with the Astana Times, Yuteev echoed Makhat’s perspective.

“Eternity explores love, family values, and the importance of the family as a whole. The concept is both male and female, laid down by nature. In most myths and legends, the main character is a man and his beloved. That’s when I decided to delve into this topic,” he explained.

Yuteev emphasized his desire for his works to have meaningful depth and emotional impact on viewers.

“I want to create works that emotionally influence the viewer, establishing a visual dialogue. I want the person to feel the depth of the picture,” he said.

Yuteev shared that this exhibition reflects his connection to his roots, emphasizing that the theme he explores is vast and largely untouched.

“The Kazakh audience is receptive and inquisitive, asking numerous questions about my art. Most importantly, they comprehend and resonate with the exhibition’s topic,” he said.

Photo credit: Kulanshi Art Center.

This marks Yuteev’s second international exhibition, with the first one held in Berlin. Over time, he has observed that preparing for such events becomes more manageable, and his confidence grows. 

“Now, I feel more assured in both myself and the exhibitions’ concept. I comprehend what I aim to convey to the audience and the emotions I want to evoke,” he concluded.

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