Roe Deers Take to Kokshetau Streets to Warm Up (Video)

ASTANA – Roe deers took to the streets of Kokshetau in search of warmth, as the air temperature dropped to 24 degrees Celsius below zero in recent days, reported the Kazinform news agency on Dec. 12.

Photo credit: qumash. Click to see the map in full size. The map is designed by The Astana Times.

An Instagram video showed how a roe deer, running through the streets of Kokshetau, jumped onto the roadway in front of a moving police car. The police managed to drive the animal off the roadway, ensuring that it avoided being run over by cars.

According to residents, animals gathered near the Kope Lake in the regional center.

Zinali Aitkuzhin, the Head of the Forestry and Wildlife Inspection Department, said this unusual behavior of roe deer is associated with the onset of severe frosts and snowfall. Roe deer are cold, and they go to populated areas, where it’s warmer.

“A large number of roe deers have concentrated near Kokshetau and are entering the city. There are migrating roe deers in Atbasar. There are forests near Chaglinka, at the Elikti park, towards Kyzyltan, Molodezhny. There is a national park near Kokshetau, where there are also many roe deers,” he said.

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