AI Language Models in Process of Adaptation to Kazakh Language

ASTANA – Til-Qazyna National Scientific and Practical Center named after Shaisultan Shayakhmetov announced its readiness to adapt existing international large language models (LLM) to the Kazakh language at a Dec. 22 meeting with Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister Tamara Duisenova.

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This initiative aims to provide the results free of charge to government agencies and domestic companies through open-source codes, enabling them to use these language models according to their needs.

Til-Qazyna Director Makpal Zhumabai necessitated creating a state-level database for machine learning of artificial intelligence (AI).

“The time has come for digitalization. We are faced with the task of developing the Kazakh language in the digital space,” Duisenova stressed, determining the AI integration into all aspects of life a key step toward the country’s progress.

Around 170,000 users were trained on domestic language online platforms such as Til Kural, with a 5-level system and Bala Tili, which is targeted for children under nine years old., another innovative platform with approximately 400,000 terms, serves as a foundation for term systematization with input from specialists in relevant industries.

There is also work to be done on legal terminology in the Kazakh language, focusing on standardizing terms for normative legal acts and office work.

Til-Qazyna will present several AI projects next year. One of them is the Qazgramma platform which would enable the verification of texts of any complexity for errors, serving as a domestic alternative to the globally recognized Grammarly service.

“The core of AI is language, so the creation of a LLM is an urgent need for the state,” said Minister of Science and Higher Education Sayasat Nurbek.

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