Vibrant Weekend Events in Astana 

ASTANA — This weekend the Kazakh capital promises an exciting array of events that cater to diverse interests, making it an ideal time for residents and visitors to immerse themselves in the city’s cultural and recreational offerings.

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Astana-Zenit Basketball Match on Oct. 14 

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Kicking off the weekend, sports enthusiasts can witness the thrilling showdown of the VTB United League of Kazakhstan. The capital’s basketball club will host the first regular season match of the VTB United League. They will compete against Zenit from Saint Petersburg, two-time winner of the Super Cup of the United League, as well as the champion of the 2021/22 season.

The match is set to offer fierce competition and a spirited atmosphere, providing a fantastic opportunity for fans to cheer for their favorite teams and players.

Venue: Saryarka Cycle Track. Tickets are available here. 

Symphony Concert on Oct. 11

For those with a penchant for classical music, the symphony concert in Astana is a must-attend event. Featuring the richness of symphonic compositions, this concert is set to transport the audience into the world of melodic beauty. Alim Beisembayev, a participant in the XVI International Tchaikovsky Competition, clinched victory at the International Leeds Piano Competition in the United Kingdom in 2021.

Renowned pianist Beisembayev takes center stage, accompanied by the esteemed conductor Alan Buribayev, a Distinguished Figure of Kazakhstan and a recipient of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The symphonic orchestra of the Astana Opera, under the direction of Alan Buribayev, will enchant audiences with masterpieces of global classical repertoire: Frederic Chopin’s Second Piano Concerto, featuring soloist Beisembayev and Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5.

Venue: Astana Opera; 1, Konayev Street. Tickets are available here. 

Looking for the Akmolinsk walking tour on Oct. 14 

In 1862, the village of Akmolinsk was elevated to city status, marking the beginning of Astana’s story. The Kazakh capital brims with history, and this excursion offers a wonderful chance to uncover new insights while wandering the streets of this ancient and picturesque city.

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The tour will start at the Gorky Russian drama theater. More information is available here.

Ne Prosto Orchestra, Ne Prosto Anime Soundtrack Concert on Oct. 15

Anime and music enthusiasts are in for a treat with the Ne Prosto Orchestra, Ne Prosto Anime soundtrack concert. This unique event combines the power of an orchestra with the enchanting world of anime soundtracks. Attendees can expect a fusion of cinematic visuals and live music, creating a captivating performance that transcends traditional concert experiences.

You are in for a three-hour journey where you will listen to three of the best concerts: Naruto, Attack on Titan, and highlights from the Anime World concert.

Venue: Kazakhstan Central Concert Hall; 10/1; Mangilik Yel Ave. Tickets are available here. 

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Photo exhibition DADication on Oct. 13-21. 

The Sal-Seri art gallery will host the opening of Sergey Zherekhov’s solo photo exhibition DADication. Sergey Zherekhov, a Ukrainian director and photographer born into a family of cinematographers in Gurzuf, presents his works dedicated to the memory of his father.

Sergey received a professional education in Kyiv, specializing in film and television directing. Despite starting with television work during his studies, his interest in photography evolved into a passion and profession in 2017. Dedicating the exhibition to his father’s memory, Sergey invites viewers to delve into his personal space, blurring the boundaries between private and public. The exhibition encourages reflection on childhood memories, happy moments and time spent with parents.

Venue: Sal Seri Art Gallery; 10/1, Heydar Aliyev Street. Entrance is free.

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