Astana Ballet Revives Timeless Melodies by Kazakh Composer Kurmangazy

ASTANA – Astana Ballet symphony orchestra brought a fresh dynamic to traditional pieces by Kurmangazy, a renowned 19th-century Kazakh composer, during a concert in the Kazakh capital dedicated to his 205th anniversary on Oct. 14.

The concert was conducted by the Astana Ballet’s Chief Conductor Arman Urazgaliyev. Photo credit: Astana Ballet.

Kurmangazy is one of the most significant and important names in our history. We are confident that this concert will promote his work and preserve his legacy for future generations and will undoubtedly delight and inspire music fans,” said the theater’s chief conductor Arman Urazgaliyev.

“This is a unique event in which classical and folk musical instruments are harmoniously combined, creating an unforgettable atmosphere,” he added.

For someone who has listened to Kazakh kuis (traditional music) before, hearing it performed by a symphony orchestra might be a sharp contrast, but for the first-time listener, it reveals the range and versatility of kuis that can suit even the classic accompaniment.

The concert combined classical and folk musical instruments. Photo credit: Astana Ballet.

A wide range of guest artists and national music ensembles, such as Halyk Kazynasy and Astana Sazy, were at the heart of the concert’s program. The program also featured a diverse range of musical elements, including symphonic arrangements of Kurmangazy’s kuis, works dedicated to the great composer, along compositions by one of his students Dina Nurpeisova.

There is a growing audience for traditional Kazakh music. Probably, no one is suited to represent it more than Kurmangazy, whose music echoed the history and culture of the deeply wounded Kazakh society of the 19th century. He was universally loved by Kazakhs for this.

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