A Diverse Array of Events Awaits Astana This Weekend

ASTANA — The Kazakh capital is gearing up for a weekend packed with diverse events. Whether you’re a fan of poetry, art exhibitions, retro music, or football, Astana has something in store for everyone this weekend. 

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Lyrical evening Kundelik (diary) on Sept. 9

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Dedicated to the works of Mukagali Makatayev, a renowned Kazakh poet and writer, the event “Kundelik” promises a soulful experience. Makatayev’s poems, often set to music, and his translations of works by Shakespeare, Dante, Pushkin, and Blok, have earned him a special place in the literary canon. His compelling, emotive work is celebrated across all age groups.

Venue: Azerbaijan Mambetov State Drama and Comedy Theater (Nomad City Hall); 55/2 (B2.3), Mangilik El Ave. Tickets are available here. 

Exhibition “Meeting Wooh Nayong in Kazakhstan: Fairy Tales with Hanbok” on Sept 9-10 

Korean artist-illustrator Wooh Nayong is known for his work centered around traditional Korean attire, the Hanbok. This two-part exhibition features the “Hanbok in Fairy Tales” series, bringing children’s classics like Cinderella and Snow White to life through Korean fashion, and the “Hanbok Girl” series, portraying girls in traditional Korean clothing. 

Video credit: The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The exhibition also honors the Year of Cultural Exchange between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2022-2023.

Venue: The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 54, Tauelsizdik. Tickets are available here. 

Retro Concert on Sept. 9

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The philharmonic ensembles have curated a selection of popular music spanning from the mid- to late 20th century. Arranged by the Brass Orchestra, these classics will be presented in a new light but will retain the charm and recognition they’ve garnered across multiple generations.

The concert program will open with the symphonic kuy “Dairabay,” composed by Kazakh musician Erkegaly Rakhmadiyev, after whom the philharmonic is proudly named. Following this, young talents from the children’s studio will perform a medley featuring some of the best-known songs from the Swedish band ABBA.

Venue: State Academic Philharmonic named after Erkegali Rakhmadiyev; 32, Kenesary Street. Tickets are available on ticketon.kz.  

EURO 2024: Kazakhstan – Northern Ireland on Sept. 10

Sports enthusiasts should not miss this Sunday’s EURO 2024 match between Kazakhstan and Northern Ireland at Astana Arena. Come and energize the atmosphere by cheering for your team.

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Venue: Astana Arena; 48, Turan Ave. Tickets are available here. 

UnknownKazak Talks on Sept. 10

UnknownKazak Talks is a new platform for individuals with creative and entrepreneurial interests. Its core mission is to bring together modern Kazakh talents and to foster content in the Kazakh language.

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During these Talks, guest speakers from diverse fields—ranging from journalism to business—share both their life journeys and professional insights. The speaker lineup includes notable figures such as Layla Sultankyzy, a TV host and journalist; Gabit Bekakhmetov, an entrepreneur and writer with affiliations to Duke, Eurasian, and Oxford Universities; Moldir Dospayeva, another TV host and journalist; Eskendir Bestai, a pedagogical trainer and MIE educator; and Dana Kanapina, the founder of La Crème Family Group and a renowned pastry chef.

Venue: Astana International Financial Center; 55/23, Mangilik El Ave. Entry is free.  

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