Kazakh AI-Based Startup Shares Insights from Silicon Valley Acceleration Program 

ASTANA – Astana Hub, a tech hub in Kazakhstan, hosted a meetup on July 11 with Seilbek Myktybekov, the CEO of Beyne.ai. Myktybekov shared his firsthand experience participating in Silicon Valley’s renowned Hero Training acceleration program, launched by Draper University and Astana Hub. 

Seilbek Myktybekov, the CEO of Beyne.ai. Photo credit: Startup Central Eurasia.

He talked about the opportunities available for startups in the United States, including launching globally, getting funding, and establishing valuable contacts. 

Beyne.ai is developing artificial intelligence-based face recognition and search technologies from open sources and video cameras. The company aims to provide civil (Smart City) and corporate security using solutions based on artificial intelligence technologies. 

Beyne.ai was one of 15 startups selected for the program’s first batch, while the second batch is scheduled to commence at the end of August. The application deadline is set for Aug. 5.

Founders and CEOs of Kazakh startups who have been selected for the 5-week intensive program based on the Draper University campus in Silicon Valley. Photo credit: Astana Hub.

The program encompasses a two-week online pre-acceleration phase, a five-week Hero Training experience at the Draper University campus, and a 20-week Residency Program. 

Myktybekov noted that his startup previously participated in the Plug and Play accelerator and the first batch of the Silk Way accelerator, organized by the Astana Hub and Google for Startups (GfS). 

Photo credit: The Astana Times.

“Before participating in these programs a year ago, I didn’t even know what an acceleration program and venture investments were, so I googled it. You should confidently pursue opportunities like these programs and continuously learn and adjust to the current dynamics of the market. In the beginning, you may not attract investments, but you will gain invaluable experience that will benefit your future endeavors,” said Myktybekov.

He emphasized that unlike other acceleration programs focusing on educational components, the Hero Training initiative focuses on stress resilience, teamwork, and proactive engagement in challenging situations. 

According to Myktybekov, the U.S. market is characterized by its immense size, intense competition and diversity. For startups aiming to expand globally, it is recommended to acquire qualifications and certifications because in comparison to the local market, the international market operates under its own set of rules, and it is crucial to adhere to these guidelines and continually improve one’s approach. 

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