Exhibition in Astana Explores Boundless Creativity of Young Kazakh Artists

ASTANA – The Kazakh capital hosted the Anau Mynau (This and That) exhibition showcasing art, graphics and sculpture works of young Kazakh artists on June 29 at the Kulanshi Art Center. 

ANAU MYNAY exhibition showcased the art, graphics and sculpture works of young Kazakh artists at the Kulanshi Art Center. Photo credit: Aiman Nakispekova/The Astana Times

The exhibition is unique, as three distinct directions of artists are showcased in one space.

Renowned local singer Batyrkhan Shukenov’s sculpture by Qaz Sculpture team. Photo credit: Aiman Nakispekova/The Astana Times

According to Leyla Mahat, curator of the Kulanshi Art Gallery, their mission is to present a youth art exhibition every two years, where young artists create something new and contribute to making the world a better place through their works.

“We titled the exhibition Anau Mynau. With this untranslatable Kazakh phrase, we wanted to encompass the thoughts and ideas of contemporary creators. The title was chosen during a meeting with the young artists who presented their works. Through the exhibition, the unique and talented artists aimed to convey their message visually, as we believe it is difficult to explain in words why three different art forms were combined in one space,” said Mahat. 

The Qaz Sculpture team, consisting of Rinat Abenov, Yerbol Sarsenbaiuly and Begzat Orynbekov, presented a collection of sculpture art. The artwork included busts, monuments, small plastic reliefs, and innovative interpretations in technique and materials. Batyrs (heroes) from fairytales and legends were depicted in a new light and vibrant colors, while oriental beauties added to the intrigue.

In an interview with The Astana Times, Abenov expressed wide excitement for the team’s debut. 

Watercolor work by Lizaveta Antropova. Photo credit: Aiman Nakispekova/The Astana Times

“The exhibition is significant for us because our creative group is diverse, with each member working in their own style and genre. We have yet to decide on a topic for future work. However, we share a love for all things modern, bright, and even futuristic. This is evident in our experimental pieces, which feature colorful dogs, warriors, various masks, and sculptures of famous personalities,” he said.

Lizaveta Antropova presents a unique interpretation of art in her watercolor landscapes of the capital. The balanced compositions capture the energy of the city, showcasing new buildings, cranes, remnants of the old town, and bicycles in the snow. These artworks serve as a meditation on the modern world’s search for spirituality.

Antropova refers to this collection as “Astana dual,” featuring 44 watercolor works dedicated to the city. She hopes her art will evoke positive emotions and remind viewers of pleasant moments or associations in their lives.

Graffiti works by Marat Abishev. Photo credit: Aiman Nakispekova/The Astana Times

According to Mahat, Marat Abishev is a professional graffiti artist who values the thought, energy, feeling, and aesthetics behind his projects, regardless of their size or shape. 

“He incorporates portraits into abstract compositions, and only the experienced eye will uncover them,” she said.

Abishev explained that his artworks contain layers, edges, highlights, and depths, all representing the people he encounters and who had an impact on him, whether familiar or strangers. 

“I paint with spray cans, allowing for an element of chance as drops may fall in various ways. I believe these ‘accidents’ are not truly accidental, as people and their interactions are not coincidental. Each meeting and circumstance contribute to the overall picture,” said Abishev. 

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