Astana Offers Unforgettable Weekend of Arts, Sports and Music  

ASTANA — The bustling capital of Kazakhstan is set to host various events this weekend, catering to diverse interests and passions. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a sports lover, or a music aficionado, there’s something for everyone. Let’s have a closer look at the events that will make the weekend in Astana truly memorable.

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Architecture of the 20th Century: A Technology Changing Landscapes on July 30

The world of architecture radically changed in the 20th century. Scientific and technological progress gave incredible opportunities to architects who embodied the most daring ideas. At this lecture, you will explore the works of chief architects whose works were a turning point in the construction of a new image of the world.

Khan Shatyr, the world’s largest tent from Norman Foster. Photo credit: Architime.

The lecture will be held by art professor Olga Baturina, who conveys materials in a storytelling and engaging format.

You will discover the revolutionary concepts of Le Corbusier, the best projects of the genius of free planning, Mies van der Rohe and the organic architecture of Lloyd Wright. You will learn about postmodernist theory in Charles Jenks’ architecture and how urbanism, politics and ecology are closely related.

Address: Pygmalion Art Gallery; 16, Dostyk Street. Tickets are available here. 

International Martial Arts Festival Burabay-Pankration 2023 on July 28-30 

Pankration is an ancient unarmed combat sport introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC. Modern pankration emphasizes the use of grappling techniques but also allows strikes to the body and head.

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Sports enthusiasts will be thrilled to witness the adrenaline-pumping action at the International Martial Arts Festival. Athletes will compete in this ancient martial art, showcasing their skills, strength, and discipline. Be prepared to witness intense battles and witness the crowning of champions.

Address: College of Ecology and Forestry; Shchuchinsk, Burabay district, the Akmola Region. Tickets are available on

Imanbek Atomsound Concert on July 29 

DJ Imanbek will present a unique documentary film project and track Atomsound at the summer scene of the EXPO. After the show, Imanbek will delight guests with a DJ set.

Atomsound is a unique project, the experience of combining “the sound of the atom” and musical instruments. The documentary covers the nature of sound and gives an opportunity to hear the sound of pure energy.

Address: Summer Scene of EXPO; International Exposition EXPO 2017. Entry is free. 

Super Bol vs. QJ League Match: Clash of the Titans

Astana Arena will host the main match of the social project Super Bol. The top 25 amateur players, selected from 16,500 applicants, trained for two months as a professional team under the guidance of Olympic champion Yevgeny Yarovenko. 

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The special guest of the match is Irina Kairatovna, a renowned musical group. Lots of exciting activities and valuable prizes await you. 

Address: Astana Arena; 48, Turan Avenue. Tickets are available here. 

A Life Full of Traditions Exhibition on July 28 – August 27

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The National Museum of Kazakhstan invites you to the opening of the personal exhibition of Yassawi Aghitayev, the Honored Worker of Culture, a member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan and a participant in numerous international and domestic exhibitions. Agitayev is a master of genre compositions dedicated to Kazakh customs, including a rich palette of traditions and values, which were formed by centuries of nomadic heritage and influences of various cultures of Central Asia.

The artistic forms in the paintings of Yassaya Agitayev come from traditional everyday life. Each element of the master’s creativity is inextricably connected with the life of the Kazakh people, with the unique splendor of the nature of the native land. This exhibition can serve as an illustration of the encyclopedia of the life of ordinary people.

Address: National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 54, Tauelsizdik Avenue. Tickets are available here.

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