World-Renowned Ludovico Einaudi Set to Perform in Kazakhstan in September 

ASTANA – Internationally acclaimed composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi is scheduled to take the stage in Kazakhstan this September in an eagerly awaited event for music enthusiasts in the country as part of his Asia and Caucasus tour.

Einaudi’s mother was an amateur pianist, who first introduced him to music. Photo credit:

The concert will take place in the Qazaqstan concert hall in Astana on Sept. 19 and in the Republic Palace in Almaty on Sept. 28. Ticket prices in Astana start from 20,000 tenge (US$45), while in Almaty, the lowest ticket fare is 17,500 tenge (US$39). 

With a rich musical background spanning over four decades, Ludovico Einaudi has carved a niche in the contemporary classical music scene. His unique style blends classical and modern elements, creating compositions that evoke profound emotions and transport listeners to ethereal realms.

Born in Turin, Italy, on Nov. 23, 1955, Einaudi displayed a prodigious talent for music from an early age. He trained at the renowned Conservatorio Verdi in Milan and later honed his skills at the Tanglewood Music Festival in the United States. In the following years, he dedicated his time to creating compositions for ballet, cinema and theater productions. Notable works include “Sul filo d’Orfeo” (1984), “Time out” (1988), “The Wild Man” (1991) and “Salgari” (1995). 

He also crafted numerous pieces for orchestra and ensemble, which received acclaim and were performed at prestigious venues such as La Scala in Milan, the Paris Ircam, and Lincoln Center in New York.

Throughout his career, Einaudi has released more than 15 studio albums that have resonated with millions of listeners worldwide. The latest was released in 2022, called “Underwater,” which hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Classical Albums chart.

Commenting on the album, his first solo piano album in 20 years, in an interview with Billboard Italy, Einaudi said, “not having any deadlines made me feel like I was 18 again when my future wasn’t clear yet, and I made music just for fun.”

“I just didn’t need isolation and concentration because the entire world stopped during the several lockdowns. The surreal silence that surrounded me made me concentrate in a more effective way. My head also got ‘purified’ from all the daily preoccupations: I felt detoxed. This new and temporary existence – a sort of heaven on Earth – allowed me to compose with greater peacefulness and balance,” said the Italian composer. 

His compositions have been featured in films, including “Not of This World” (2000), “Light of My Eyes” (2001), “Strange Crime” (2004), “The Untouchables” (2011), “Samba” (2014), and “The Third Murder” (2017).

His famous compositions “Nuvole Bianche,” “Una Mattina,” and “Divenire” have become iconic pieces within the contemporary classical music canon.

While his concerts were suspended because of the pandemic-related restrictions, during the summer of 2021, Einaudi embarked on a remarkable musical journey by organizing a series of 11 concerts in various locations, including national parks, nature reserves, valleys, lakes, and pristine mountain meadows. 

This upcoming concert in Kazakhstan offers a remarkable opportunity for music enthusiasts to witness Ludovico Einaudi’s genius firsthand. 

Besides Kazakhstan, Einaudi is also expected to perform in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on Sept. 23, in Tbilisi, Georgia, on Sept. 30, and in Baku, Azerbaijan, on Oct. 2. 

Tickets for the concert are on sale on the Ticketon platform. 

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