Incredible Lineup of Events for Special Weekend in Astana

ASTANA — An extraordinary weekend can be expected in Kazakhstan’s captivating capital, packed with vibrant festivities and thrilling activities. From cultural celebrations to exciting competitions and musical performances, The Astana Times has curated a diverse list of events to delight locals and visitors. Take a look at the selection below and choose the events that will make this weekend truly special for you.

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Sabantuy Celebration on June 24

Sabantuy, meaning “plow feast,” symbolizes the end of spring fieldworks and the beginning of the summer season. It is a traditional Tatar holiday that illustrates the rich heritage and lively customs of the Tatar people.

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Visitors can enjoy captivating rituals, including traditional Tatar wrestling competitions, horse races, as well as folk music and dance. Indulge in an array of delectable Tatar cuisine, bursting with tantalizing flavors and aromatic spices, making this celebration a feast for all the senses.

Address: Central Park. Entry is free. 

Astana O-Fest 2023 on June 22-25

Astana O-Fest 2023 is an orienteering sporting festival, where you will run interesting distances in different parks of the capital. All stages of the competition will be a great opportunity to test the ability to orient yourself in the local area. 

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Orienteering is a sport where athletes use a compass and maps to search for checkpoints in the area. The classic variant entails running, but can also include cycling, skiing, and combined starts.

The location and time of the events depend on the date. 

Contact the following numbers for more information: +7 701 228 62 01, +7 771 162 97 82. 

Go Viral Festival on June 23-24

Get ready for a digital adventure at the Go Viral Festival, where technology, creativity, and innovation converge. This event will explore the latest trends in digital media, gaming, and virtual reality. Engage with groundbreaking technologies, try your hand at interactive games and witness mind-bending virtual reality experiences. 

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The festival will be attended by more than 35 speakers representing various companies and organizations, including MediaWaves, Sagi, and Alem. Keynote speakers include Vijay Menon, founder of Butter Payments in the United States, Forbes 30 Under 30, as well as Yusuf Omar, international journalist, ambassador of mobile journalism and digital storytelling, and a TEDx speaker.

Venue: Rixos President Astana; 7, Kunayev street.

Asian Grappling Championships 2023 on June 21-24

Grappling is a fighting technique as well as a full-contact combat sport based on throws, trips, sweeps, clinch fighting, ground fighting and submission holds. Athletes across Asia will gather in Astana to showcase their skills in various grappling disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission wrestling, and Sambo.

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Athletes from across the world will compete in the championship, including from Afghanistan, India, Iran, Japan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Palestine, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Venue: Beeline Arena; 4/2, Turan Avenue. Entry is free. More information can be found here. 

Concert: Summer of Haze on June 24

Summer of Haze, one of the most mysterious figures of the Russian rave, who is not afraid to experiment with genres, will perform at KHS HUB. He absorbs the most innovative trends in electronic music, creating powerful sounds. 

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TSENTR residents will also play this evening. There will be two DJ areas in total: the main venue and a silent disco. 

Address: KHS HUB; 39, Uly Dala Avenue. Tickets are available on 

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