Multinational Fanart Movie Honors Dimash Kudaibergen’s Song

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SEELINGSTAEDT — Nearly 100 people worldwide came together to bring Dimash Kudaibergen’s goal of peace to life in their debut fanart film, “Choosing Life – The Story of One Dream.” The artists and fans of the Art.Love.Dimash fanart group worked for seven months to create a story set to Kudaibergen’s song “Requiem – The Story of One Sky,” released in 2022 and illustrated it with art using different styles.

A scene from the art movie about Dimash created by his fans. Photo credit: Rita Huang.

The inclusivity of all ages, cultures, and beliefs that the artist promotes to his global fans is reflected in his artwork’s styles and skill levels, which are as diverse as his music.

The group usually recreates Kudaibergen’s music videos in art. But it is the first time an original story was written to be accompanied by Dimash’s music. Group members agreed that the impactful scenes of the original music video should not be tampered with and that the underlying vision of a bright and peaceful future should be portrayed. 

A scene from the art movie about Dimash created by his fans. Photo credit: DQSADear.

The dramatic arc of the new story follows the emotions in the music in a classic three-act structure along a hero’s journey, where the main character Dreamer, played by an illustrated Dimash, faces violence in a human world. The Dreamer loses hope and – supported by characters inspired by his siblings, team members, and fans – finds his strength again. All characters unite, believing that humans can be better if everyone stands together and chooses life.

A scene from the art movie about Dimash created by his fans. Photo credit: Christa Kosin.

“Choosing Life” is the final, forceful outcry for peace. It also represents a nod to the first part of the original title, “Requiem,” but shows the opposite, not mourning the dead but celebrating the living. 

The group created this message of hope in celebration of Kudaibergen’s birthday on May 24 and presented the artist with the film premiere on YouTube and a graphic novel created with drawings and words from the art film.

The comments under the YouTube video show how people were moved by the message and enjoyed the film in their language since translators have provided subtitles in 19 languages. 

Graphic Novel Front Cover. Photo credit: Evgeniya Korobko.

Eva Baumann. Photo credit: Eva Baumann.

The graphic novel’s back cover presents how a boy from Aktobe, as Kudaibergen once called himself, inspired people to “know neither borders nor limits through belief, culture or religion.”

The video is available on YouTube. 

The author is Eva Baumann (Germany), one of the members of the Fanart group Art.Love.Dimash.

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