President Tokayev Highlights Assembly of People of Kazakhstan’s Role in Ensuring Unity Amid Global Turbulence

ASTANA – The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan (APK) efficiently implements the principles of coexistence and interaction of different cultures, which has become the most urgent challenge facing our modern world, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said at a plenary session of the APK on April 27, reported the Akorda press service.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at the APK plenary session on April 27. Photo credit: Akorda.

According to Tokayev, the assembly has proven to be an essential socio-political institution in embodying and implementing genuine democratic ideas and values. He noted that all conflicts and wars come from national arrogance, an unwillingness to see a friend in another ethnic group. 

“Patriotism should never be confused with national arrogance,” he said.

Tokayev stressed that the APK had played a vital role in the country’s recent political modernization and national unity. 

“Five deputies of the Senate (upper chamber of the Kazakh parliament), appointed by the President at the proposal of the assembly, provide legislative feedback, public oversight, and represent the interests of all ethnic groups of Kazakhstan in the Parliament. In addition, 12 APK members joined the National Kurultai (congress), bringing valuable experience in advocating for a universal model of national dialogue,” Tokayev said. 

Photo credit: Akorda.

President Tokayev emphasized that the country’s interests come first and citizens’ interests should be at the core of everything. 

He stated that political reforms have created a new foundation for integrating all ethnic groups into a single nation. Past election campaigns, he noted, were “free of ethnic or other constrained preferences and archaic stereotypes.” At the root of recent elections were general civic motivations for voting, reflecting genuine political competition and diverse views and ideas. 

“We make pivotal decisions together and build our shared future together. I am certain that such unity of purpose will be a significant driving force behind our initiatives. This is our most significant and invaluable accomplishment,” he said. 

According to President Tokayev, political and economic reforms can only be implemented with unity and stability. However, he underlined that “unity is not only a path to the country’s goal, but also one of the statehood’s main pillars.” 

Photo credit: Akorda.

Tokayev also emphasized the importance of Kazakhstan’s independence and territorial integrity.

“Our people understand firsthand the true meaning of unity and peace. These are lasting values for members of all ethnic groups who have survived difficult times and found refuge in Kazakhstan. Our people live in peace because these ideals are recognized and respected. This is an unprecedented accomplishment!” he said. 

According to Tokayev, to have a Kazakh passport means being a citizen of a globally acknowledged country, who may freely travel worldwide and consider themselves an integral member of the modern world. 

“Kazakhstan’s passport embodies the progressive values on which our unity and harmony are based. In turn, the sky-blue flag of Kazakhstan vividly embodies our sacred independence and centuries-old statehood,” said the President. 

He added that Kazakh society represents free and responsible citizens united by common ideals and values.

“‘Unity in diversity’ and ‘we are different, but united’ are not slogans but the essence of our daily life,” he said.

President Tokayev underlined the imperativeness of preventing provocations aimed at undermining the country’s unity amid the rising number of fake and damaging publications. He said that many of the authors of such provocative remarks “have nothing to do with Kazakhstan and are acting from abroad to sow seeds of discord.”

He instructed the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the National Security Committee to keep this matter under strict control and respond in line with the law in case of any violations. The President urged all citizens to resist the agenda of hate and not become involved in foreign information wars or ideological disputes.

“Yes to pluralism and no to radicalism – this principle remains unshakable. Our digital space and public realm should be dominated by an atmosphere of peace and harmony, constructive dialogue, and creative interaction. These are not imaginary things or artificial categories in Kazakhstan. This is our past, present, and future,” he said. 

President Tokayev stated that the APK members significantly helped to preserve unity last year by repelling attacks on Kazakh society.  

“Representatives of the assembly have made multiple statements on high-profile cases over the past year, following a pragmatic and consolidating stance. You are more than just a member of a public organization. You are true representatives of the ideas of peace and harmony. When discussing such sensitive issues as interethnic and interfaith relations, you always exhibit prudence and foresight,” Tokayev said. 

He added that by taking this approach, the country could withstand any attempt to sow discord in Kazakh society, urging every citizen to courageously maintain the ideals of unity and solidarity of Kazakh citizens at home and abroad.

Tokayev further emphasized that knowledge of the Kazakh language remains a crucial component of the country’s policy. He stressed that the Kazakh language should become a means of introducing the best achievements of scientific progress and education. 

“Citizens who have not studied the state language and do not know it as required should never be infringed. At the same time, learning the state language and striving to master it must become an everyday norm in our society,” he said.

Wrapping up his speech, President Tokayev said that each ethnic group makes an invaluable contribution to strengthening friendship and harmony, and Kazakh citizens should be steadfast in their commitment to the country’s core ideals. 

“If we continue to develop a strong state and a just society for everyone, we will transform our country into an indestructible monolith of freedom and independence,” he concluded. 

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