Dutch Company Shares Advanced Agricultural Methods with Kazakh Farmers

ASTANA – A Dutch company, Koppert Biological Systems, offers innovative solutions in sustainable agriculture as part of its cooperation with Kazakhstan. The company produces products for the smooth transition to agricultural practices that benefit biodiversity and crops.

Photo credit: KOPPERT Biological Systems.

The company is an international leader in crop protection and natural pollination. The company supports rebuilding ecosystems and contributes to Sustainable Development Goals. It has implemented technologies to create safe health products, offering solutions for environmental friendliness and plant resistance to diseases.

CEO of Koppert Biological Systems Henri Oosthoek. Photo credit: KOPPERT Biological Systems.

“First of all, we work in partnership with nature. We rebuild ecosystems and protect biodiversity globally by offering natural solutions. We also contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG),”Henri Oosthoek , the CEO of Koppert Biological Systems, said in an interview for this story. 

In 2021, the company announced plans to start a new project in Kazakhstan. 

“We are not newcomers in this market. We started around six years ago, we had commercial and scientific trials, meetings, and seminars, and now we decided to become closer to growers,” explained Oosthoek. “We decided to launch the production of several products for plant nutrition and soil enrichment. It will probably be several locations, but for sure, close to the area with main crop producers. For example, growers in the Kostanai region, Akmola region, and North Kazakhstan region account for 80 percent of the wheat of Kazakhstan. So, of course, their part will be a priority for us. But also, the southern part and west and east for a future can be considered.”

The company uses a nutrition system, biological crop protection, bumblebees for pollination, and, of course, more and more digital tools to apply the products and to help work with monitoring.

Photo credit: KOPPERT Biological Systems.

Due to the company’s work, the farmers consciously refuse to use pesticides. Therefore, the products protect and support the plant’s entire life cycle, restoring the soil’s natural balance.

“Our holistic approach is what sets us apart. We have always been convinced that together with nature, we can find solutions to the challenges we have in food production. Our company mission is to contribute to the better health of people and the planet. In partnership with nature, we make agriculture healthier, safer, and more productive,” he said.

Although Koppert Biological System is primarily known for its products, it is a knowledge company. With its strong research and development base, the company believes sharing knowledge and training staff is essential to achieving sustainable agriculture and horticulture. 

Photo credit: KOPPERT Biological Systems.

The company also intends to focus on training in Kazakhstan.

“Koppert has a unique experience with numerous cases in almost all countries worldwide. We collect this information via our consultants and use it to help and learn about growers. Collaboration is in our DNA. Through our global network, we share our vision and inspire others to develop or facilitate new solutions, new (growing) practices, and new approaches,” said Oosthoek.

He added that the current geopolitical situation complicates many things, including logistics, the supply chain of components, and the availability of different kinds of food stuff. 

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