Dimash Kudaibergen Introduces American Colleagues to Kazakh Traditional Musical Instruments

ASTANA – Kazakhstan’s most famous modern singer Dimash Kudaibergen introduced his American colleagues to the sounds of the kobyz, a traditional Kazakh musical instrument. 

Dimash Kudaibergen. Photo credit: dimashnews.com.

A video posted on his Instagram page on Feb. 22 depicts Dimash and his American colleagues watching the singer’s live performance of “Stranger” at the 2021 New Wave competition accompanied by kobyz player Olzhas Kurmanbek.

Dimash’s American colleagues were impressed, as were his followers. In the comments Dimash’s followers left under the post, they expressed their enthusiasm with Dimash’s masterpiece and the use of the beautiful instrument.

Olzhas Kurmanbek. Photo credit: dimashnews.com.

“The mesmerizing sound of the kobyz and your voice is incredible! Thank you for introducing it to all of us!” wrote one of his followers, adding that American music could use an infusion of diverse sounds. 

Dimash presented “Stranger” at the New Wave competition in August 2021 in Sochi. Russian composer Igor Krutoy wrote the music, and the lyrics were written by acclaimed American songwriter Sharon Vaughn. Dimitris Kontopoulos from Greece and Yerlan Bekchurin from Kazakhstan did the arrangement of the song. 

Dimash came up with the idea to add the kobyz to the new song after he first heard the melody. He said back then that he felt that the folk instrument would fit perfectly into the song.

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