Estonian Stunt Performer Becomes First to Slackline Across Kazakhstan’s Bozzhyra Tract (Video)

ASTANA  – A famous Estonian slackliner Jaan Roose became the first athlete to walk along a 500 meters rope stretched 200 meters above the ground between two hills of the Bozzhyra tract in the Mangystau Region.

Some fossilized shells and teeth of prehistoric sharks can be found in the Bozzhyra tract. Photo credit: Click to see the map in full size

The Bozzhyra tract is located approximately 300 kilometers from Aktau in the western part of the Ustyurt plateau. Numerous rock formations of different sizes and shapes are located on the territory of the Tethys ocean that existed during the Mesozoic Era.

The tract measures 17 kilometres north to south and 11 kilometres east to west and the huge area requires more than one day to become acquainted with it. Although the spot is still little known and difficult for tourists to reach, travellers are attracted by its fascinating landscapes.

The crew spent five days in the Mangystau Region under 50 Celcius degree heat and extreme wind conditions to shoot the video. 

“I got my year’s worth of vitamin D in the last five days,” said Roose, a professional stunt performer, who is called an athlete with steel nerves. 

Roose is a three-time world champion, breaking numerous world records and conquering most unusual locations. He worked as a stuntman in Hollywood and taught Madonna to walk along a rope.

Jaan Roose started slacklining at the age of 18. Photo credit:

Slacklining is a relatively new sport that combines many challenges and organization is one of the difficult ones. 

“We chose the most eco-friendly approach, so as not to disturb Bozzhyra’s unique beauty,” said mountain climber and safety expert Kirill Belotserkovskiy.

In a place like Bozzhyra, setting up a slackline is not just putting a rope up wherever. The main task for adventurers is to leave no trace.

“We fixed the line on one side of the pedestrian rock, put down nets stuffed with rocks and attached ourselves to them. We wrapped a rope around the top of the other ‘fang’ and attached ourselves to it. We made sure the construction was simple and eco-friendly. None of the rocks suffered during the project,” he said.

Roos said he was “blown away by the unearthly beauty of the place.”

“The fact there used to be an ocean here really fuels the imagination. Bozzhyra is a challenge and it is one of the most difficult, but beautiful projects I have ever undertaken,” Roose said, noting this experience was unforgettable for him. “It is just a fantastic place and great that it is hidden away so far from civilization. I am glad I visited and saw such a unique location with my own eyes, and was also able to combine physical ability with the beauty of nature.”

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