Where to Spend Upcoming Weekend in Astana

ASTANA  – The upcoming weekend after the onset of cold weather and the first snow in Astana promise not only a long-awaited holiday when you will probably want to hide under the blanket and watch your favorite movies, but also some exciting events that are definitely worth going outside. 

The first snow fell in the capital on Sept. 28. Photo credit: Bolat Shaikhinov

The Astana Times shares the list of carefully selected activities that might distract you from harsh weather and give you a warm mood.

1. Ne prosto orchestra’s performance of music written by Hans Zimmer and John Williams on Oct. 2

Ne prosto orchestra is the first independent symphony orchestra in the country, which performs soundtracks from movies. The team includes musicians and choir members.

This time, artists will present soundtracks to the films “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones,” “Harry Potter,” “Superman,” “Jurassic Park,” “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” “The Lion King,” “Gladiator”, “Dune,” and “Interstellar” among other movies.

John Williams and Hans Zimmer are some of the most famous film score composers of modern times who have had a tremendous impact on the recent history of Hollywood cinema and pop culture.

Tickets are available on ticketon.kz 

2. Two-day tour from Astana to Almaty

During the tour that will start on Sept. 30 and last until Oct. 3, you will visit Kolsai Lakes, Lake Kaiyndy, Black Canyon, Charyn Canyon, Moon Canyon and Tanbalytas petroglyphs.

Lake Kaiyndy in the Almaty Region. Photo credit: grandevoyage.kz

The tour price includes: comfortable transport, guide service, environmental charges, entrance to the national parks, taxi to Lake Kaiyndy, meals (first day of tour includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, while second day includes breakfast and dinner), accomodation, bonfire and evening program.

Price: 54,990 tenge (US$115)

More information and tickets are available on sxodim.com

3. The screening of “Sea Tomorrow” documentary directed by Kazakhstan’s Katerina Suvorova on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 in Abu Dhabi Plaza mall

“Sea Tomorrow” tells about the current life of people living by the Aral Sea, which was once the fourth largest lake in the world and has dried up by now. Last autumn, it became the first Kazakh documentary to premiere on the Netflix streaming platform. 

After the show, guests will be able to talk to Suvorova  and ask her questions about the film and its creation.

Time schedule:

September 30

18.00 local time (GMT+6)  – joint viewing of the film

19.30 local time (GMT+6) – public-talk with film director Katerina Suvorova

October 1

14.00 local time (GMT+6) – joint viewing of the film 

15.30 local time (GMT+6) – public-talk with film director Katerina Suvorova

4. Art party “Painting eco bag” at the Sal Seri art gallery on Oct. 1-2 at 13.00 local time (GMT+6)

The Sal Seri art gallery invites city residents to attend the master class on creating eco-friendly bag with its own design. All tools and materials as well as drinks will be provided. 

Participants of previous art party in Sal Seri art gallery. Photo credit: sxodim.com

According to art party’s organizers, the level of skills does not matter.

Duration: three-four hours

Price: 7,700 tenge (US$16)

The tickets for party are available on sxodim.com


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