Kazakh President Praises Heroic Actions of Frontline Workers, Reminds Public of COVID-19 Threat

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed gratitude to doctors, nurses and ambulance workers for their heroic actions at the June 23 Biz Birgemiz (We Are Together) online forum dedicated to people who work in the fields of education, healthcare, social protection, and those who have contributed to the fight against the pandemic.

Photo credit: Akorda.kz.

On this day, frontline workers also received the Khalyk Algysy (People’s Gratitude) award. A monument to mark the heroic deeds of people during the pandemic will be installed in the capital. 

The president stressed the huge and imminent threat that the COVID-19 virus still posed for society. Most people have relaxed and do not observe the prescribed sanitary measures now that the state of emergency has ended. As a result, the government has once again tightened lockdown measures. 

“The spread of coronavirus has become rampant worldwide. Our country is not the only one fighting this disease. Some private citizens and civil servants believe that we have overcome the danger. We have seen a troubling underestimation of the risks, and medical rules no longer being observed. Some people have begun to believe rumors that the virus is a hoax,” he said. 

Tokayev stressed that patients receive high-quality treatment in Kazakhstan and that this is proof of the quality of doctors in the country. At the same time, the government has instructed hospitals to stock up on protective equipment, medicines and hospital beds for the near future.

“We have 80 confirmed cases per 100,000 persons. This is an average indicator in line with world statistics. We monitor the statistics of confirmed cases, but we often forget about recovery statistics,” he said.

Tokayev noted that the current situation is not a reason to feel depressed as people should take strides to continue living their lives normally. He encouraged people to share stories about how the lockdown has strengthened their family and how they have used the opportunity to spend more time with children. Artists, musicians, writers and poets were given a change to engage in creative work. 

“One must take lessons even from the worst situations,” Tokayev said. “Every crisis is a new opportunity. We are in it together. And together we can overcome this crisis. We will become stronger as a result of it… The main thing is to continue believing that we can overcome all these difficulties.”

To encourage the nation, Tokayev noted that solidarity, perseverance and sympathy are the traditional values ​​of Kazakhstan. These qualities helped Kazakh people overcome their difficulties. 

“Our unity becomes stronger in the face of a common challenge. We are together! This is the new motto of our new society. Every day we see how medical workers, police officers, employees of the Armed Forces, volunteers, and benefactors contribute to the fight against the disease. My words of gratitude are addressed to you. The heaviest burden in the fight against the epidemic is placed on the shoulders of doctors, nurses and ambulance workers. Every day you demonstrate the strength of your spirit and courage. This is true patriotism,” he said. 

Earlier, President Tokayev decreed to award the most distinguished medical workers with medals and awards on Medical Workers Day.   

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