Nur-Sultan Mayor urges construction companies to follow safety procedures, pay employees and buy locally

NUR-SULTAN – Nur-Sultan Akim (Mayor) Altay Kulginov discussed safety compliance and the purchase of local materials July 16 with representatives of construction companies working in the capital, reports the city akimat (administration) press service.

Altay Kulginov (centre). Photo credit: Nur-Sultan Akimat.

Kulginov urged construction workers to comply with safety procedures at construction sites by wearing protective hats and footwear.

“I ask you to follow the safety precautions and requirements for work attire, ranging from helmets to safety footwear. The most important thing for us is the safety of our people, especially those who work at construction sites. Please do not skimp on that. After all, when safety precautions are observed, there is order, quality and results,” he said.

Kulginov also urged construction companies to buy locally produced construction materials.

“The types of building materials that are produced by us should, if possible, be used when building the city. We have production factories for houses and elevators, thousands of people are working in these industries and all of this is being produced for your benefit,” he concluded.

Kulginov also called on developers to pay employees on time and comply with the conditions stipulated in labour contracts.

“We are creating and will continue to create all the conditions for you to do business, but if you do not pay wages or pay wages (informally) in envelopes, then we will have a different conversation, so please work within the law,” he said.

“If someone from the akimat creates barriers to your business, then you can contact us. We will restore order. If someone asks for bribes or money, there are services that will respond instantly. You can contact me directly,” he added.

Photo credit: Nur-Sultan Akimat.

The mayor and construction company representatives discussed waste management and real estate developers’ responsibility to investors.

Nur-Sultan has a single landfill site located along the Alash Highway where construction companies may legally dispose of their waste. Since the beginning of the year, 66 drivers have unloaded construction company waste at sites with no licence to accept waste, and 76 drivers have unloaded dirt on the roadway. Video surveillance cameras may be installed in 10 sites prone to illegal dumping by construction companies to change construction companies’ behaviour.

Kulginov also called for a more responsible approach toward real estate investors, given that there are more than 10,000 investors affected by the actions of unscrupulous real estate developers. For example, developers’ fund misappropriation has left many housing projects idle.

“I met with real estate investors, many of whom did not get the chance to move into their apartments, mortgage their property, live in dormitories or were left without any housing options. The state is now solving their problems. We will exercise strict control over each project so that this does not happen again. If you want to do business, we will support you. The President personally controls the removal of administrative barriers for businesses, but businesses must also accept some level of responsibility on their part, especially in the field of construction,” he said.

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