Nur-Sultan Akimat officials available for prompt responses on social media

NUR-SULTAN – The Nur-Sultan Akimat (city administration) recently published the phone numbers and social media accounts of akims (mayors) of districts and the city akimat’s department heads on its official website so that they may be more accessible to the public.

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Nur-Sultan Akim (Mayor) Bakhyt Sultanov instructed akims of districts and the city akimat’s department heads to more closely engage with people on social media.

“Akims of districts and the city akimat’s department heads should be in constant communication with citizens. Pay special attention to the quality of your content. In addition, do not dwell on any one particular social media account, much less launch a social media page for the sake of having it. You should know and understand your audience. For example, as far as I know, school children and students prefer VKontakte. It means that staff of the Education Department should not only be on Facebook, but also on VKontakte. Twitter may be used to attract investment and for brand promotion. Therefore, there should be a systematic approach to the execution of this task,” he told the city leaders, as reported the Nur-Sultan Akimat press service.

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev tasked akims of cities and regions March 27 with promptly responding to the demands of the population.

“Akims of cities and regions should respond quickly to public inquiries and carry out explanatory work. It is important to engage with people on social media – create groups in messenger services, explain current policies and moderate a given situation,” he said at a recent meeting with the akims of regions, as well as the akims of three cities of national significance, Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent.

The full list of akims of districts of Astana, the city akimat’s department heads and their contacts are below:

  1.  Akim of Nur-Sultan’s Saryarka Region Yergali Yegemberdy;; +7 777 770 85 08
  2.  Akim of Nur-Sultan’s Almaty Region Adlbek Sarsembayev;; +7 705 421 20 13
  3.  Akim of Nur-Sultan’s Baikonur Yerlan Kanalimov;; +7 701 055 59 79
  4.  Akim of Nur-Sultan’s Yessil Region Tulegen Zakaryanov;; +7 702 521 09 79
  5.  Nur-Sultan Akimat Public Health Department Head Aliya Rustemova;; +7 747 250 40 27
  6.  Nur-Sultan Akimat Investment and Business Development Department Head Alisher Abdykadyrov;; +7 702 872 21 06
  7.  Nur-Sultan Akimat Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Department Head Askhat Karagoyshin;; +7 701 255 44 66
  8.  Nur-Sultan Akimat Asset Management and Public Procurement Department Head Yersin Otebayev;; +7 707 515 97 47
  9.  Nur-Sultan Akimat Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations Department Head Baktybai Taitaliyev;; +7 701 501 51 23
  10. Nur-Sultan Akimat Employment and Social Protection Department Head Artem Abildinov;; +7 776 309 54 87
  11. Nur-Sultan Akimat Control and Quality of the Urban Environment Department Head Tulegen Kulushev;; +7 775 671 48 28
  12. Nur-Sultan Akimat Culture and Sport Department Head Bolat Mazhagulov;; +7 771 111 88 89
  13. Nur-Sultan Akimat Education Department Head Anuar Zhangozin;; +7 776 125 57 71
  14. Nur-Sultan Akimat Environmental Protection and Nature Management Department Head Mussa Tanabayev;; +7 771 165 0388
  15. Nur-Sultan Akimat Public Development Department Head Daniyar Yessin;; +7 777 100 77 77
  16. Nur-Sultan Akimat Language Development and Archival Affairs Department Head Tleugali Kishkashbayev;; +7 701 111 71 53
  17. Nur-Sultan Akimat Urban Environment Regeneration Department Head Arzhan Bugubayev;; +7 747 135 85 48
  18. Nur-Sultan Akimat Strategic and Budget Planning Department Head Aizhan Tugelbayeva;; +7 701 533 44 66
  19. Nur-Sultan Akimat Construction and Housing Policy Department Head Ruslan Akhmetov;; +7 708 111 56 90
  20. Nur-Sultan Akimat Fuel, Energy and Utilities Department Head Yerbol Toleuov;; +7 777 699 98 60
  21. Nur-Sultan Akimat Finance Department Head Alibi Zhumayev;; +7 776 420 17 11.

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