Summer business opportunities provide entrepreneurs with extra income

ASTANA – Kazakhstan’s seasons affect certain businesses. The capital’s short summers are probably the most favourable time for fast income, with opportunities for both novice and experienced entrepreneurs.


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Selling refreshing drinks, kvass (bread juice) and beer has long been a popular way to earn money in the warm weather, as the seasonal business typically ensures high demand and profitability. The seeming simplicity may attract many beginning entrepreneurs, but a number of difficulties may turn this opportunity into failure.

“This is not as easy as it might seem. Besides huge competition, an entrepreneur should obtain a number of permits and be ready for the attention of the controlling agencies. Of course, this business can be successful if one follows all instructions,” said former business owner Bolat Ismailov.

As heat waves become more common, ice cream becomes a favourite dessert. Ice cream sales are one of the most lucrative summer businesses, with parlours along the city’s boulevards and in its parks offering a variety of flavours. Ali Oraz, a 27-year-old entrepreneur from the capital, opened his first ice cream shop in one of its parks last year. This summer, he manages three shops throughout the city.

“Ice cream is the tastiest way to chill out on a hot day. As usual, ice cream sellers begin opening their shops in May. There are a number of advantages to ice cream trading. They are in high demand during the season and have high profitability and small costs for organising a business. One also can sell some refreshing drinks along with ice cream,” he said in an interview for this story.

The ice cream trade can also present some challenges, such as dependence on weather conditions and location, as well as stiff competition.

“Of course, high competition can be challenging for some ice cream shop owners. For me, competition is a reason to be more creative, to offer better products and to sell them cheaper than your competitors,” he added.

City parks are favourite summer spots for families and children. Youngsters know how to have fun and line up for face painting, a popular business idea for creative types. When the air turns cold, their services are still in demand at children’s birthday parties and during the New Year holidays.

Almost all capital parks have areas where one can rent bikes, power wheels and electric cars or find inflatable bouncers and other entertainment for kids and adults.

Some local entrepreneurs open bait and tackle shops and sports equipment rentals for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Such businesses are especially popular during the warm weather and ensure high profitability for their owners. Bait and tackle shops are located in all parts of the city and customers can buy items to use on its outskirts and at wilderness lakes.

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