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ASTANA – National-style accessories are becoming increasingly in vogue in Kazakhstan. Adili, the brand offering fashionable accessories with a national ornament, is introducing elements of that style into everyday life. The company has an online store (, where customers can browse through a charming collection for women and men.

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The concept of ​​creating a brand of national style accessories came to Adili founder and main designer Assel Adil in 2010 during her studies in the U.K. The Bolashak Scholarship student missed her native country and looked for any accessory that reminded her of Kazakhstan. Her homesickness provided the insight she realised once she returned.

Adil’s talent led her to believe she could create a brand that would be highly recognised in Kazakhstan and abroad. Her older sister Indira supported the idea to create nationally inspired handkerchiefs and leather items and invested some capital into the new business. The idea turned into reality and they started manufacturing silk handkerchiefs, scarfs and leather accessories.

“The growing popularity of Kazakh ornaments in the fashion industry inspired us. Accessories with Kazakh brands have become beloved among the country’s citizens. We try to meet this dress trend; we often design and produce new collections using bright and rich colours,” she said.

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Using natural fabrics reflects sophistication and serves as a subtle hint of wealth and well-being. Those who collect silk handkerchiefs are confident and tiny patterns and diverse colours make the accessory unique. The Adili handkerchief collection meets this belief, and customers say the accessories can compete with European fashion houses.

The sisters subsequently received numerous requests for men’s accessories. Three years ago, Adili started producing a line of ties, scarves, handkerchiefs, purses and bags.

“We began to study what our men wanted. It turned out that they are very conservative. They would not wear those ties that I would like to produce. Therefore, we try to choose restrained ornaments and colours. Leather accessories are made in black or brown colours,” Adil told

In seven years, the Adili brand has gained customer loyalty and recently launched the innovative project of digital printing on natural fabrics. With the help of new technology, the company started producing home textiles under the Adili Textile label. The company offers an ecologically clean product made in Kazakhstan.

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“Digital printing on natural fabrics allows us to create a product with a high image and printing quality corresponding to world brands. Previously, Kazakhstan used rotary fabric printing technology, which implied a long and costly process of making drawings on fabric of rather low quality. Adili Textile Company brought know-how to our market by making world-class fabrics at a reasonable price,” said Adil.

Adili currently has stores in Aktau, Aktobe, Almaty, Atyrau and the capital. The company plans to open more shops throughout the country and continue creating trendy and elegant collections.

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