Ski resort to be built in Bayanaul tourist zone

ASTANA – Tourists delight in visiting picturesque and invigorating Bayanaul in the Pavlodar region, where a ski centre offering winter getaways will be constructed on Myrzashoky Mountain.

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The government pays attention to the region, especially to developing tourism, said Bayanaul Deputy Akim (Mayor) Azilkhan Abuov.

“We didn’t dream of building large complexes at the ski centre 20 years ago. Having the beautiful nature of Bayanaul, we should develop our tourism not only for our citizens, but for the whole world,” he said.

At 800 metres, Myrzashoky Mountain is accessible only by cableway. The system, which will have 70 seats, will stretch more than a kilometre and carry up to 500 people a day, he added. The centre will offer skiing, snowboarding and sleigh rides on a ski trail to be cleared of grass and sharp stones to ensure safety.

The ski centre will provide training facilities, as experts have determined the mountain conforms to the level that appeals to professional athletes, said Bayanaul Akim (Mayor) Orazgeldy Kairgeldinov at last year’s press conference. The town’s administration resumed air travel a year ago to attract tourists.

Ski team member Adil Talgatbek, 15, is anxiously waiting for the resort to open. Local junior students received a full set of equipment for freestyle and ski racing lessons and he dreams of becoming a great skier and snowboarder.

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Sponsors are supporting the project under the Tugan Zher (Kazakh for “motherland”) programme. The ski centre is a breath of fresh air for residents of small Karazhar village located near the mountain and while it has not opened yet, they already have big plans. Schoolteacher and blogger Zura Zhusupbayeva, who noted the village is ready to welcome guests in all seasons, has started sewing sports caps and bandanas with the Myrzashoky Mountain logo.

In addition to the cableway and ski trail, Karazhar will offer a camping area and café. Vacation season in Myrzashoky will be year-round, where extreme sports lovers can hang glide and paraglide.

Bayanaul is also the place for those who enjoy swimming and hiking. The region’s three main lakes – Sabyndykol, Toraigyr and Zhasybai – attract visitors in the summer. Zhasybai beach has a new pier, glowing fountain and sun lounger.

Local guides recommend visiting Bayanaul National Park located in the small village of the same name about 450 kilometres from the capital. It boasts beautiful lakes, forest-filled mountains and unique caves.

The name of each lake or pass, mountain or cliff is connected to legends based on real events and two versions exist about the origin of the name Bayanaul. One story claims the region was named in honour of Bayan-Sulu, the heroine of the popular epic poem “Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan-Sulu.” According to another account, Bayanaul means prosperous hill, a place of rich and blessed grazing mountains.

Lake Zhasybai is associated with 18th century period when the Kazakh people struggled against the Dzungars. Zhasybai, a brave soldier, was killed by an arrow during an ambush and the people renamed Lake Shoinkul in his memory.


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