Kazakh window factory utilises German technology

ASTANA – New apartment complexes are appearing in the city nearly every day. Thousands of new windows appear with them, a large proportion supplied by Funke Kunststoffe.


Photo credit: astana.gov.kz

The German company is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic pipes, fittings and engineering systems in Western Europe. In March 2012, its window profiles production plant transferred to the capital. It manufactures its products using German technologies.

Initially opened with foreign investors, it is now fully Kazakh-owned. In 2013, the company participated in Business Road Map 2020, providing 70 percent of the financing from its own capital. Approximately 10.5 million euros (US$13 million) was invested in the project.

“Our company has been operating in the Kazakhstan market since 2010 and we have been producing our products in Astana since 2012. We have considered different options, but finally realised that Kazakhstan has a favourable investment climate with great prospects for our production. We appreciate the measures that are being taken to support and develop business,” said company director general Yegor Herlein.

He added Kazakh Invest provided constant assistance to implement the project and organise necessary meetings and negotiations.


The capital plant is equipped with the most advanced German technological equipment and laboratory, completely preserving production technology. European suppliers furnish raw materials and the quality of products manufactured under the Funke Kunststoffe trademark fully meets international standards, according to company’s website.

The plant has an annual capacity of 7,000 tonnes, 60 percent for the internal market, the balance shipped to Russia. The facility is expanding exports to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

“The first trucks were sent to Kyrgyzstan in December, while the first shipment to Uzbekistan is expected in March,” said Herlein.

He added Funke Kunststoffe seeks to increase its production.

“Our company plans to increase the volume of production of finished products and to adapt our window systems to the sharp continental climate. We also plan to work closely with construction companies. Much attention will be paid to logistics; that is, we will provide the best service for our customers. Despite the high competition in the markets of Kazakhstan and Russia, we would like to retain German quality,” he said.

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