Kazakh mathematician suggests solution to famous Millennium Prize problem

ASTANA – Aset Durmagambetov, eminent mathematician and scientist, recently proposed his version of a solution to Riemann hypothesis, one of Millennium Prize Problems. The solution is particularly useful for crypto currency mining.

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Aset Durmagambetov

“From time to time scientists define the strategic goals by highlighting key fundamental problems for the current and future periods. This illustrates that science has reached a certain level and needs to conquer new heights, which will provide a new insight into the science itself and its applications. Millennium Prize Problems are an example of such milestones,” says Durmagambetov.

In 2000, the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) stated seven math problems and offered $1 million for each solution. One of the problems was solved by a Russian mathematician in 2006, however, six remain. The problems have a worldwide theoretical and practical significance.

“The solution to Riemann hypothesis, for example, leads to a deeper understanding of data mining, which in turn carries far-reaching implications for defence,” according to Durmagambetov.

The mathematician notes that in scientific realms a solution to the problem is considered to be found provided it is confirmed by a majority of scientific communities. Therefore, it is right to say that he has suggested a solution to the Riemann hypothesis. The CMI stipulates that two years are needed to verify the reliability of the solution. It is important, however, first to publish the suggested solution in academic journals, and only then the process of recognition starts and may last for years.

“The recognition process is a long-term process and the scientist should not be occupied with it. For example, some scholars still argue about whether Einstein was right or not. It is also of crucial importance to accept the fact that a single scientist never solves important problems alone; it is a process in which dozens and sometimes hundreds of outstanding scientists are involved. As regards the Riemann hypothesis in particular, with the assistance of numerous scientists, Eratosthenes laid the foundations, Euler built the walls and Riemann erected the roof,” he said.

According to the scientist, the Riemann hypothesis is considered one of the most challenging problems. The problem indicates that there are laws and order in prime numbers and these laws have implications for the physical world. The solution to that problem is key to the foundations of cyber security and crypto currencies, which are based on prime numbers.

Durmagambetov published his solution to the problem in the Advances in Pure Mathematics Journal in 2016, American Institute of Physics, and this work was also discussed during scientific seminars in the Moscow State University branch, Kazakhstan National University, Kazakhstan Mathematical Society and at a conference in Rome. Initially he posted his solution to the Research Gate profile, where 8,000 scientists have read and commented on the work.

“During the process of drawing the solution I received support from Kazakhstan Mathematical society and its head Bakhytzhan Zhumagulov, who helped me to get constructive comments on my work. In Kazakhstan, mathematicians are highly qualified and objective while evaluating works. However, 90 percent of academics who read my work were from the USA. I was also invited to speak at the conference in Boston and give lectures in math centres worldwide,” he added.

The scientist believes that science in Kazakhstan will develop when there will be large-scale projects developed jointly by academics, national companies, universities and the government. This will also help promote promising scientists and make them known to the international community. Otherwise, it is difficult for scientists to compete with international companies with generous budgets and infrastructure.

“Currently, a lot of effort is put into digitisation and I believe this project will be an enormous success. I also optimistically perceive the establishment of the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), which can potentially be a leading institution in education and science. The area of research to focus on could be mathematical modelling of financial markets and mathematical method of crypto mining acceleration. These markets are huge and if we take 0.1 percent of them, Kazakhstan will become one of the 30 most developed countries,” said Durmagambetov.

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