Honesty, swiftness and courtesy needed for KazPost to succeed

“Honesty, swiftness and courtesy” – this is our motto for the coming year. We want to achieve the goal of becoming the number one service company in the country.

KazPost has always been a socially oriented company, tasked with goals of national importance. At all times, mail has been the main means of communication, and it has been central post offices where a town’s first milepost was placed. Every post office employee has love for people in his/her DNA, and our task is simply not to be ashamed of it but actively show care and courtesy so that our customers come back again and again.

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Saken Sarsenov

Today, we work in a company which should be the crest of success thanks to the growth of the e-commerce market not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad. KazPost, the national postal service of Kazakhstan, can become a company for customers, capable of helping with one click to order and deliver any product from anywhere in the world. Today, when the world is ruled by the internet and purchases are made online and delivered home, we can seriously influence the lifestyle of our customers by saving their time for things more valuable than waiting in a queue, such as spending time with children.

To do so, we, at every post office, should not only be polite but also swift and time efficient. We have to keep up with new technologies and become better with every day, because expectations of our clients are growing. What is yesterday’s “wow” today is a norm.

I know there are many questions about the salaries of our employees, and we are equally dissatisfied with their amount.

There are, however, great models to follow: AliExpress’s Jack Ma is the richest man in China, Amazon’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. Both are the owners of online trade and delivery companies.

In other words, today KazPost has every chance to become a similarly advanced and highly profitable company, whose employees would receive high salaries, and it would be prestigious to work here. Everything is in our hands; we only need honesty, swiftness and courtesy, as well as an unwavering determination to create the most client-oriented company in Kazakhstan.

This is what we want to learn and we will learn it from the best in this field. For this purpose, we recently organised in Astana a master class by the world’s customer service guru, John Tschohl, for almost a thousand of our employees and managers.

That was one of the first in a series of many meetings with thousands of employees of the company. We brought together couriers, operators, sorters and other specialists, whose gusto determines the results of the entire company. Every day they sort thousands of parcels, deliver tonnes of correspondence, issue pensions and benefits and take payments from our customers.

“Give your customers more than they expect” was Tschohl’s main message and is now KazPost’s motto for the future. An hour and a half went by quickly but it was enough to make our employees look at our work and our customers’ needs in a different light and rethink goals and plans for the life. I believe an outside perspective on our work and specific advice on ways to improve it have given a powerful impetus for my colleagues’ development.

In a huge hall at the KazMediaCenter, there was not a single person left indifferent. I saw people who were passionate about their work and charged with a shared goal.

According to a recent survey, 85 percent of our employees are proud to work at KazPost. And this is what makes me so confident our postal service has a great future, but its success will depend on each and every one of us.

Noteworthy is that in attendance of the master class were Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Zhumagaliyev, who is in charge of implementing digitalisation programmes across the country, and young leaders of a new generation, including Ablaikhan Ospanov, chairman of the state-owned Government for Citizens Corporation, and Ruslan Yensebayev, chairman of the Zerde national infocommunication holding. We all never stop learning something new, and I believe all of us have learnt something important for ourselves and will share this knowledge with our big teams.

Every day, step by step we will strive to ensure that each of our customers is satisfied with our services and comes back to us again.


The author is chairman of the management board of KazPost, the national postal service of Kazakhstan.

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