Serbians celebrate National Day as part of EXPO 2017, promote energy for all concept

ASTANA – Serbia marked its National Day June 28 with cultural events and films about the country, as well as an entertainment programme with stars such as Jela Cello and Jelena Tomašević.


“The Serbian pavilion at EXPO 2017 in Astana is a project of national importance,” said Assistant Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Maja Mandrapa Gašić.

“Therefore, National Day, which we celebrate on Saint Vitus Day, is considered an ideal opportunity to introduce the people of Kazakhstan to Serbia as a country with a rich history and tradition, but with a clear vision of our society in the future. We want everyone who visits the Serbian pavilion to feel our traditional hospitality and friendliness and by participating in the modern exposition, to learn our desire for modernisation and technological development,” he added.

National Day is dedicated to Serbia’s historical and cultural heritage with the aim of promoting the country’s tourism. An additional event will be organised July 10 for National Science Day and the birthday of inventor Nikola Tesla, best known for his contributions to the design of the alternating current electricity supply system.

“The Serbian pavilion will present to the world our young scientists and their ideas and with the help of a modern art presentation, the possibility of investing in renewable sources such as biomass, water currents and wind. We made a significant contribution so the exhibition in Astana would initiate a global dialogue on the topic of new technologies in the production of green energy and to make it possible so the energy is available to everyone at an affordable price and with maximum environmental protection. At the same time, when we talk about renewable sources, we want to present Serbia as a kind of investment, cultural and tourist destination,” said Gašić.


The 369-square-metre pavilion is based on Tesla’s ideas – the notion of free energy for all. Inspiration and concepts were found in the projects of three young Serbian scientists who are working on innovative solutions and technologies, the future development and application of which could significantly reduce energy losses and change the perception of energy in a global society.

To date, prominent Serbians have visited and participated in opening the national pavilion, including Belgrade Mayor Sinisa Mali, who opened the exhibition June 10; Minister of National Economy Goran Knežević, who also participated in the June 15 Astana Economic Forum; Ministry of Energy and Mining Deputy Minister for Renewable Energy Miloš Banyac, who at the ministerial conference and energy forum presented projects in the field of energy efficiency and wider use of biomass; and Serbian President Alexandar Vučić, who contributed to the launching process on June 9.

In the first two weeks, nearly 30,000 guests have already visited the pavilion, including heads of state, foreign ambassadors and high officials and businesspeople.

As part of the themes Energy for All and Energy Efficiency as a Lifestyle, the Serbian pavilion presents the best energy practices aimed at sustainable development and promoting research and technological advances in the fields of economy, storage, transfer and energy use.

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